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Posted: by Sacha.
Last Reply: by _AnA_
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"i can do a 5 beat weave in front of the body both forwards and backwards, and i can do a normal weave behind the back, but can anyone do a 5 beat weave behind the back? Is it even possi..."
Posted: by tallicaburton
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
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"There are some problems with this page in the Poi-Lesson section of this site. Don't get me wrong, this site is AWESOME since it has animations, and instructions, and the board (Thank y..."
Posted: by thombre
Last Reply: by thombre
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"Before starting this thread I searched the site and found lots of discussions on what flowers are and how they are formed, but hardly any advice on how they are done.I've been attemptin..."
Posted: by DarkSerge
Last Reply: by Lizzybeth
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"How long had you been spinning till you could bhb 3-beat? I just learned it last night and I have been spinning for a month now. Just curious how long it took ppl to learn this one."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by Lizzybeth
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"I am having real problems with all the btb moves... I have beeb just trying to swing the poi forwards with my arms crossed behind my back, not even trying any moves or anything, just a ..."
Posted: by so_bread
Last Reply: by JoKitty
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"im very new to poi and im finding really hard to do shoulder reels. my poi thats doing my outward reel is always hitting me, in the back mostly or the back of my other arm! any tips fro..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Invader Xan
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"Ive been recently been looking at the 'grooves' section of scales of poi. I think ive just finally worked out how to turn whilst keeping both poi on the same plane. Its really annoyi..."
Posted: by Sped
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Hello HoPpersJust out of curiosity, what makes a spinner an advanced or intermediate spinner, such as what moves etc.Peace"
Posted: by drvariety
Last Reply: by Imbalance
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"So I was spinning this morning and started playing around with wraps where;a) your in a hyperloop, then wrap the ends on the hand holding the individual poi (i.e. the right poi goes thr..."
Posted: by eightbitpotion
Last Reply: by RaveRepresent
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"So I'm having a VERY hard time to get my hands to work. Like with the more advanced weaves.... my hands just don't want to follow eachother. Is there anything I can do about this, or ..."
Posted: by dibs_star
Last Reply: by Hypnotic
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"What the fuck??!! Am I just being a fool or am I just getting this drastically wrong? But none of the wraps I am trying are working and I don't understand why ...... can someone giv..."
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by Hypnotic
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"So, Im at the point now where I can do most of the sane moves (and a few insane ones) but my freestyle performances are pretty lame without a mirror in front of me. I want to start mak..."
Posted: by SP1ND0WN
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"Hey Im new at poi and I was wondering wat moves I should start doing first (Basic Moves) and plz tell me how to do the move thank u for all replies."
Posted: by [Nx?]
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
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"yeah so, poi are splittime butterfly, one hand does a logarm circle whilst the other follows it doing a tri-foil antispin.Its a great move and i would like to call it something better t..."
Posted: by Celyddon
Last Reply: by TheBovrilMonkey
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"I've been watching Yuta's fire vid every once in awhile for inspiration, and there is one particular move that confuses the heck out of me.There is a sequence where he appears to pass a..."
Posted: by nathaniel_deforest
Last Reply: by Yakumo
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"recently i have been attempting forearm and bicep wraps with fire, and no matter how i position my arm or how fast i do it, those little metal pieces always burn me a little bit. am i ..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Left arm under right, poi spinning backwards. I know from this position its possible turn and do crosses turning to the right but is it possible to turn to the left and do crosses with..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Richee
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"So here's the situation.For some odd reason this summer I have been asked so many times, either in the middle of my spin or just after how I turned with that move or other.I have no clu..."
Posted: by aimeceleste
Last Reply: by Skatto
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"Just recently, one of my wrists started clicking as I spin. I also just got over a bout of teninitis in my wrist...I want to know if anyone else has this problem? It doesn't seem to be ..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Moloch
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"Continue of Bow & Flare thread to uncover the concept.----&lbr;Astorjax&rbr;Orbital movement, bow start.----&lbr;Bow & Flare&rbr;Elyptic, flat and "taking the weigh off" moveme..."
Posted: by FluffyZealot
Last Reply: by FluffyZealot
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"Hi guys, I'm relatively new here and have seen the moves I know with different names, so I was wondering if anyone has a few moments to clarify some of the moves I describe, and tell me..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by [Nx?]
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"Ive been spinning for over a year and have came back to look at the 'tuck turn' on this site. I dont really see how it works (or i may be doing it but dont know) I can do other moves ..."
Posted: by trance guy
Last Reply: by Mr_Joe
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"ok...i learned how to do the forward weave and i do it really well, but now that i am trying to learn how to do the backwards weave, i cant do it. what should i do to bea able to do the..."
Posted: by Geeza
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Ive spinning over a year now and I still dont understand how understand thread the needle works. I can do overhand fine but underhand seems impossible (not that ive been practicing it ..."
Posted: by kirstie_doll
Last Reply: by Geeza
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"Ok, you guys probably get this alot but ive just started wiv poi and wondered if u have any advice on the best way to get started? I can do a few turns n stuff like the butterfly and a ..."
Posted: by Aaphrodyti
Last Reply: by Aaphrodyti
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"Ok so I was having loads of problems doing a low turn (n00b) and I read the post saying to turn your body, not the poi. I did that and it worked (I think) except my poi are still going ..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by Yakumo
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"I've been trying to get my camera to work to show you this but as you can see... It's acting up. Well I was bored messing around blah blah blah. I don't even know if this is concidered ..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"I'm trying to teach myself how to make all the phases of the moon with my poi and don't know how to go about. full moons are easy and new moons are easier but the gibbous and quarter I'..."
Posted: by RaveRepresent
Last Reply: by MikeIcon
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"I used the search engine and came up with nothing in relevance to the following..I do realize that me saying I have possibly come across a new poi trick sounds dumb, but I honestly beli..."
Posted: by VampyricAcid
Last Reply: by Moloch
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"ok this is a trick that has become kind of an in joke at the cambridge spins, but i wantto see if anyone can actually do it, we came up with "The longest name for a poi move", but i wan..."
Posted: by Kosaka
Last Reply: by garthy
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"I've been trying for a two weeks now but it's hard to understand. You start out with butterfly then hold your arms out to one side of your body then move it to the other side so it kind..."
Posted: by nicolefox
Last Reply: by Lillac
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"Hi! I'm looking to do a fire poi performance as my talent for Miss California and need to find a good song ASAP (my paperwork with song title has to be in by April 1). I'd like to fin..."
Posted: by Salztzor
Last Reply: by Lillac
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"Anyone bin thinking of these, awesome move and its a audience breathtaker : Yo play around for a while and when the people seen the most you make a stop for a second where you make a kn..."
Posted: by DarkSerge
Last Reply: by Durbs
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"Ok so at the club the other night I saw this dude do a move... going to try to explain it see if anyone knows what im talking about or help me to figure out how to do it.Ok...You know w..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by bluecat
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"NYC asked me to post about something i was teaching the other day... so here it is.its a technique i borrowed form a juggling workshop i did last year.write down a list of tricks you kn..."
Posted: by SpinningFool
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Hello, fellow spinners!As promised in my introduction thread, you finally get to see some pictures of me playing poi. Well, only one to be precise, but more are to come After managing t..."
Posted: by DarkSerge
Last Reply: by FirePaw
Views: 1309    Replies: 11
"Whats the move that im doing the first few tricks...the behind the back but to the side thingy in this video...?"
Posted: by Evil_Penguin
Last Reply: by Dwarf_star
Views: 4756    Replies: 35
"I haven't got a clue how to spin poi. I have read through tutorials, looked closely at videos, and I just can't imitate. I'm not even spinning a single poi right, I don't understand wha..."
Posted: by DarkSerge
Last Reply: by DarkSerge
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"Ok there is this move that I have seen a few people do and ive tryed it but can't figure out how to get into it at all...So the move is your arms are crossed infront of you and ..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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" "
Posted: by dulce flames
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
Views: 2957    Replies: 21
"I've heard this move mentioned a few times here and after trying a couple of searches, do not know what you all are talking about. It's possible I know of it as somehting else and possi..."
Posted: by esmokah
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
Views: 1408    Replies: 2
"I did some sort of infinite hyper loop and let the strings go. the poi spun freely mid air perfectly for a step and i caught the balls to a dead stop. the loose sock ends kept up the ..."
Posted: by Acciaio
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 1647    Replies: 15
"I'm building up a new open stage show and another time this question rise into I can end the fire show???Commonly toss shows ends with a high number of objects flash or somethi..."
Posted: by ls206
Last Reply: by FruityLoop
Views: 1675    Replies: 9
"Hi there all.I wonder if y'all can help me... (sorry if this gets asked loads)I can do a fair amount of moves, but i am so bad at linking them.also, i haven't really learnt or practiced..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by aquastar86
Views: 1432    Replies: 8
"Well I know how to do Hyperloops with some VERY simple poi (wool sock and tenis ball), but when it comes to doing them with my ball chain poi, it just becomes a tangle right at the end ..."
Posted: by Krscendus
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"HeyI've been trying to find some resources on spinning in pairs (back to back, front to front, stealing etc) but I haven't had to much luck. There are a couple of old threads here on th..."
Posted: by joulz
Last Reply: by Cway
Views: 1993    Replies: 13
"for about 1 month now i've had a set of meteors, simple 2 m long string with tenis balls,i've kinda be neglecting my practising, but i havent rly seen many video's with meteors and up 2..."
Posted: by mike11
Last Reply: by Sporky
Views: 1728    Replies: 7
"Its raining outside. I love rain, but I was planning on doing fire poi tonight. Is it possible to do fire poi in the rain without damaging my wicks or anything? If so, I think this coul..."
Posted: by amaro
Last Reply: by Stout
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"really now,i'm really bored with pois,because it's been 2 months since i started and i already know all the moves,i even started to make some of my there anything new to learn..."
Posted: by squid
Last Reply: by Rellizate
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"I was looking over the Cathedral style wicks as I begin my research. What I want to do is put the eyebolt and nut inside somehow so that there is no exposed metal on the bottom end of ..."
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