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This move is exactly what it sounds like, and is very dangerous. Not for newbies!!! To accomplish this move you start out doing a simple forward butterfly. Step sidways and wrap both poi going between your legs. When they start to wrap you close your legs and clamp them, letting them hang directly below your privates. This is the move Ive made, I call it getting ballsy. Because of the way the two poi heads look, and for the fact that you have to be pretty brave to do so!!! Give it a try with practice poi first. eek

fake teeth and gluefake teeth and glueBRONZE Member
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hehe, like it

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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this is one of those moves i don't need to see a movie of to picture footinmouth

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haha. i thought I made this up. i call it "the dingy". i got behind the back and through so it comes out the front, close legs, shake back and forth, then pull them back out. it always gets a laugh if you yell "DO THE DINGY!!!" as your doing it.

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been there, done that wink

Because ActiveAngel sounds like a feminine deodorant

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Ingenious. Was performing at my mum's wedding yesterday and this would've gone down a storm smile

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I'm gonna hold you personally responsible if my balls are set aflame.


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Run like a cushion,
Be the small bookcase."

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ya gotta luv any variant of the old nut buster (groin wrap)

A word to the wise... wear jeans wink

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