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hi. i have been learning poi for a couple of months now (i dont have much time to practice but ::meh::) and i'm getting really stuck on this one move i want to learn.
What it is, I can go from bk3bw to fw3bw but i just can't get it the other way round, from fw to bk. can someone help me please by explaining what to do? (without saying "it's the same, just backwards" would be nice too.)

thanks muchly.

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1. Try the move with one poi

2. Analyse how you learnt bk3bw to fw3bw and use the same process for the oposite way

3. Tell us what happens when you try the move (what goes wrong with it)

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*Moved to Beginners*

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This is a double posted thread.

[Old link]

Moderators notified.

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Closing this as a duplicate. Thanks chaps.

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