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Ok So I'm Attempting To Teach Myself Weave Crossers... If That's What They're Called?

But The Problem Is On Every Other The The Poi On My Right Hand Side, (So The Poi In My Left Hand) Keeps Smacking Me In My Left Arm.

I'm Having To Teach Myself With Glow Poi Because My Yeti Poi Got Nicked And I'm Gonna Have Such A Bruise!! frown

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yeah....thats the unfortunate learning process,nothing like learning a new move and having the marks to show for it! tongue
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I dont really know what you mean without showing me in a video or in person. But the way i learned crosses was by spinning split time on either side of me then doing just one turn to the left or right.

Try moving your body aswell to avoid smacks. This is a lot more useful when you try to cross right around to the other side.

(you probably wont know what i mean without me showing you in a video, harder poi moves are difficult to explain)

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search for rovo's "if crossers are dorky" video

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