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yababy00yababy00SILVER Member
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Hello all. I was wondering... has anyone actually spun 4 poi at one time before? I am working on this and wanted to know if there is anyone out there in the poi universe that could offer any handy advise.

I am close and a video will be posted when I have accomplished this act.

Thank you all in advance!
peace. biggrin biggrin ubblove

RaveRepresentRaveRepresentSILVER Member
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There is actually a video of someone doing six poi at once, while lying on a skateboard, and going downhill. Quite the show, I must say. I forget who it is, and where it could be found.. But my mind says its something to do with this "Effortless" competition.

Regardless, I have tried it, but I don't care too much for it. I find two to be much more graceful.

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6 poi, on a skateboard going downhill

4 poi isnt that hard at all. Do a search for "double meteor" and see what comes up. Im sure you will be suprised at what can be done. biggrin

I suppose that 4 poi, is just like double staff at the end of the day smile

welcome to HOP by the way!

EamonnBRONZE Member
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oh my god, that is the most bizzare thing ive ever seen!!!
ive never seen any one do poi with there feet b4, never mind 6 at once confused

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Location: South Wales

You think that's bizarre? ubblol

You dont know 2Bags do you? biggrin

splinterificsplinterificGOLD Member
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theres a video of ronan spinning a crazy amount of poi too... way too many to count... yep it is possible.

georgemcgeorgemcBRONZE Member
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The Maori have several moves with 2 poi per hand, so 4 at once is considered "easy"!
*said the man who can't spin at all!* ubblol ubblol

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LizzybethLizzybethLizzy hearts sunshine hoop
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uh...2bags and the bicycle....

if i could be a busy busy bee...

JohnnyFettuciniJohnnyFettuciniBRONZE Member
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Hey check out "the fabulous trauma trio" on youtube, Carlos is doing some 4 poi in there. Also a throw with 4 poi.

Happy spinning!

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I have been spinning 4 poi for some years now. i do them i two onehanded butterflys. its not easy but not impossible either.

u just have to learn how to start them, and if u say u almost have accomplised it i guessu are past that point already.

once u have got them started u can start ticking smile
i think over the head is the easiest one. offcourse u should do that one buttrefly at a time.

the throw is best learned with only one butterfly. spin two poi in your rigth hand, let go of one poi. i like to throw the lower one, i find it easyer to get back into the pattern. then u let it fal back to its place....hmm

this wasnt so easy to describe. prehaps i should make a video...

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