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HI all
saw a m8 of mine doin poi a while back and was jus
standing there in awe with my mouth dropped open
so bein a bit stoned last weekend i brought sum poi
and i love it

So i get them out and am supprised i can do a basic weave (didnt no it was called tht but there you go)
and the 1 i think is called the atom.

I can kinda do butterfly but get tangled or sumtimes end up cracking myself in the nuts and falling to the ground.mad2

Had a look at some lessons tryed the 3 beat weave but to no joy as i cant get out of the habit of doing just a normal 1.
So i end up jus spazing out or like i said the future childs get a wack.

And there i am just stuck there, not knowing where to go or what to do next.

Anyone with some experence got any tip on what they started out with or recomend some trick for beginers??

squidsquidBRONZE Member
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The whole hammer and tongs on the groin is going to be a part of it as you learn, I am sorry to say. As well as hitting yourself in the nose, eye, throat, chest, buttocks, back of the head, etc.

There are several tutorials giving verbal tips and advice for most moves out there. It kind of depends on what you would like to jump into first.

Since you have the basic 2 beat weave (from what I can gather) experiment with trying to follow the poi on as they go to one side and turn 180 degrees and see if you can continue weaving, but in reverse.

One of the most vital things you can do as a beginner is learn to turn as you spin and try EVERY move both forwards and reverse. Hopefully, as you progress, not only will you learn moves better, you will be damaging yourself far less frequently. (it never stops completely wink)

OH....and Hello! Welcome to HoP. smile

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Mother_Natures_SonMother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
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As squid said, theres no set group of moves you have to jump into, there's a large number of moves that you can begin with, the most standard ones are butterfly, corkscrew, these should help get a good idea how the poi move...

But there are a lot of other moves that you could easily grab hold of, I've seen absolute, day 1 beginners grasping antispin flowers and stuff like that, can't get tangled up with those, less scary balls beaming toward your head/testicles.

On the topic of pain, there are no real tips... you will probably take a few decent hits while learning poi, these are no problem, they're a reminder of precisely what you're doing wrong. You might want to make sure you've got nice soft poi, or buy a "box" or a "cup" or whatever they might call protection for ones groin for use in sport...

Make sure you don't lock yourself into thinking that there are moves that you can't really get... just start looking for tutorials, (this site has a good number) and go for the most basic of each type of different move, keep trying new stuff, you'll be surprised how fast you can get something that looks really hard by practicing!


DurbsDurbsBRONZE Member
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3 simple tips:
1) Read the free lessons here
2) Search the forums here
3) Learn to type properly wink

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GnorGnorBRONZE Member
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2) = Do a Durbs

Spin slower and will hit less hard and perhaps less time wil be spent prone on the gound groaning

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