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Posted: by Shorty888
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"Hey,I'm fairly new to HOP, but have been spinning for a couple of years. I am a student in fashion design, and for my final year, I need to cater to a niche market. I've chosen fire a..."
Posted: by robbolton
Last Reply: by Carrot_Girl
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"my mp3 player won't turn on any ideas"
Posted: by Pyromainac
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"I was thinking of buying a fire staff from this website and was wondering if anyone who has bought one from this site would let me know what they are like "
Posted: by GreenGrass
Last Reply: by Dom
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"Hi... May be someone can tell me how I can order poi. The problem is that I live in Moscow (Russia) and I don't know whether it's possible or not."
Posted: by Hiei3
Last Reply: by MikefromGlos
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"Ok, I'm new to fire-breathing. I'd really like to try with actual fuel and kerosene, but I'm stuck at the "practice with water" stage. When you spit it, it's suppose to be a mist. When ..."
Posted: by hamamelis
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
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" Umm.. I'm just wondering what is the best program to use in making videos for the purpose of putting on the internetty thing? I have a digital camera with video setting, and very littl..."
Posted: by maus
Last Reply: by mech
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"Will probably be for the weekend of the next Falmouth/Gwithian meet.Basically I need people willing to be body painted,preferably some who are happy with partial nudity,to take part in ..."
Posted: by bossy
Last Reply: by Perraforde
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"Firstly hello to all!!! ive havn't been at this long but im deffinatly hooked! i just bought some cobra 2 and im having great fun but i think id like to have a go at night poi. so, here..."
Posted: by jimiwhiteheat
Last Reply: by Yakumo
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"Just hoping any of you clever computer chaps might be able to help. My computer wont recognize my creative 20gb mp3 player. The creative help-line, only suggests to up-grade my BIOS and..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by NOn
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"Firefox browser (Mmmmmmm)Due to excessive use of stumble upon, I have a LOT of bookmarks. (thousands)and I'd Like to have a fuction that would randomly give me one of my bookmarks.Like ..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Glss
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"Does anyone know how, when searching the net for information, I can exclude companies selling stuff from the search results; or, is there a (free) search engine that has this feature?Wh..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Adya Miriyana
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"Yup, that's what I'm looking for. Not how to draw them but more image and translation.I've tried a couple of sites but found them to be a bit less than accurate."
Posted: by DavidJNolan
Last Reply: by Richee
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"Help!Tomorrow (Monday) morning, we have to submit a review of Uber Europe to the European juggling magazine Kascade, along with half a dozen picture that would be suitable for publicati..."
Posted: by Hiei3
Last Reply: by Kathain_Bowen
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"Ok, my first question is, while spitting out the fuel, where should my tongue be? Second, since your head is slightly tipped back, how do you stop the fuel from running back further in ..."
Posted: by sketch
Last Reply: by Sym
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"I need help! (please watch for differences between internet and intranet)I have been developing websites/applications for a while using of these sites have been setup o..."
Posted: by Kathain_Bowen
Last Reply: by Kathain_Bowen
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"I know, I know, this is really off topic, but I've seen some pretty off topic stuff in HELP! Moderators, I ask only that, if this is in an innapropriate space to please move it somewher..."
Posted: by teeny_tiny_gnome
Last Reply: by Sym
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"Hey, any advice would be really well appreiated hereBasically i had to take the morning after pill on Fri cos of a split condom, wen we saw what happened we went straight to boots withi..."
Posted: by Help_Me
Last Reply: by Tabt
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" Hi I'm new... I really need help. I've tried multiple diets before, but like most none have worked. I really want one that is practical and works. I like to jog and was plannin..."
Posted: by Swiftspin
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
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"I recenently discovered a hole at the bottom of my fire poi. I see a metal thing when i look at the bottom of my poi now. I havent had my set for that long i dont know why it ripped a ..."
Posted: by inpsydout
Last Reply: by phoenix45000
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"im living in brum now and was wondering what places sell paraffin in or around the city centre?? btw my geography of brum is rubbish so you'll have to bear with me."
Posted: by arashi
Last Reply: by sketch
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"hey i really need to get my hands on a fire whip for a show in ireland!!! i can make it worth your while!!!pm me a.s.a.p. or call clare with details!!"
Posted: by Bubbles_
Last Reply: by jemima (jem)
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"Im putting up this thread for anyone who needs help or advice with their current or new mobiles because i couldnt find a previously done contract runs out soon, and ive had a ..."
Posted: by fireinspired
Last Reply: by lilith_in_london
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"hi, im completely new to fire spinning, i was introduced to it by my sisters boyfriend last week and am now very interested in it. just wonderin if anyone had any advice on wot kind of ..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by NOn
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"  Written by: Calling all inhabitants of the England/Wales border!Please can you tell me what the areas of Holywell and Flintshire are like? Are they a decent place to live/work?..."
Posted: by yoni
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"has anyone got somewhere for me and a freind to stay the night in london on the 21st (monday)help will be much appreciatedthanks--max--"
Posted: by Asena
Last Reply: by Tabt
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"Well, the title is as it suggests... after starting my new job, my entire office thinks i'm straight. Joy. Lots of comments about which nurses i'll find attractive today, and I was like..."
Posted: by Swiftspin
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
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"I recently started spinning fire, so im fairly new on how to maintain my fire poi. I noticed they both have started to rip at the top and I've lit up I'd say about 10 - 13 times. I kno..."
Posted: by Iacorel
Last Reply: by Iacorel
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"Hello, I'm new in this Forum, I'm spinning since 2 months, and I'm not that good, bad I can a few moves (5b weave, simple wraps, butterflies, etc.) and I would like to make a small perf..."
Posted: by DrBoo
Last Reply: by alien_oddity
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"Hi!Just after a bit of advice. I'm toddling off on Monday morning to photograph an old abandoned building. I will be equiped with:Boots and hardhatAn old torchA Fuji Finepix F10An old m..."
Posted: by SapphireChicken
Last Reply: by Valura
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"In my last post I scratched the surface of why I am here. I am not a spinner of fire performer. My daughter is. She is 10 years old and has a real skill and grace for it. She totall..."
Posted: by Hanz
Last Reply: by artindoril
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"Hey all,Next weekend my Venturer unit are helping out on a leadership course for the scouts. Being the big kids, we've decided we want to play a few practical jokes on them... but we're..."
Posted: by hamamelis
Last Reply: by hamamelis
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" I'm probably going to be spending a weeks stopover in Brunei on the way out to Australia. Has anyone spent any time there, and could offer me any tips or advice? I know nothing out the..."
Posted: by bgwelch
Last Reply: by Mark P
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"I am relatively new to poi and have been searching for the answer to my question, but so far have found none and I'm turning to this forum for help.I was interested in purchasing a doub..."
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by pitman
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"so heres the thing:i have set up a community circus for young people in my area. i have got all the equiptment and a few bookings for workshops but i want to get the kids coming in ever..."
Posted: by flamin_squirrel
Last Reply: by Kathain_Bowen
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"Hi everyone, before you blast me for not searching etc, i'd just like to say i've been searching the forum history for over an hour and still havn't found what i need.we have a gig in a..."
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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"i know this type of thing gets asked all the time i did a few searches but nothing came up with the answers im looking for.Public Liability Insurance when trying to get it as soon as th..."
Posted: by coleman
Last Reply: by Dragon7
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"for future reference:if you spin one poi, it goes round in a circle. this circle is 'flat'.by that i mean that you could imagine a pane of glass going through the circle from top to bo..."
Posted: by DubbeloDub
Last Reply: by pitman
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"In the Cape Town (South Africa) community of firespinners there is a Dictatoral group called firetribe. This group in essence runs the fire arts in Cape Town. They get all the work and ..."
Posted: by spudmonkey
Last Reply: by GothFrogette
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"hey need some help whats the best fuel to use for poi spinning in night clubs have been using lamop oil but some always gets on the floor and makes it real slippy funny when other peopl..."
Posted: by HaadRinPoi06
Last Reply: by FireByNite
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"Hello.....i need help!! fast!!My sister very kindly asked me to perform my poi at her wedding next month infront of my whole family (very big one 2!!) and her fiances family (Cypriot so..."
Posted: by Birgit
Last Reply: by Dunc
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"anyone got any advice for buying a cheap used car in the UK? (up to 1000-ish) Have checked out the autotrader website but that shows me "scottish" cars in London and doesn't have much i..."
Posted: by simta
Last Reply: by simta
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"heyive been trying to find an email addy to contact the company aja with but it seems to be quite difficulti was told by someone at firetoys that beard were their uk agents but just rec..."
Posted: by goagirl
Last Reply: by kash
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"it go verry well i think , i have the forward swing , the backwards swing , split swinging , butterfly ,giant butterfly ,alternate butterfly , overhead butterfly , the wave , chasing th..."
Posted: by polarity
Last Reply: by polarity
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"I'm only interested because I mostly read posts in my email, then click the link in the email if I want to reply. The only problem with that is that it displays in threaded mode, and I..."
Posted: by Fire Taiger
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"i need help. my school's internet blocking is getting out of control. i'm afraid hop will be blocked next, they already did it once. does anyone know any web sites i get around the bloc..."
Posted: by SapphireChicken
Last Reply: by tim_marston
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"I have a 10 year old daughter that has been spinning for 4 years. She burned for the 1st time 2 months ago. She picks stuff up so easy she can watch someone and pick it up in a matter..."
Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by Asena
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"Ok, Here's the deal.I was set to perform with the amazing burnt toast at bloom festival this summer, after a wicked performance given by us at cornbury...However, I have a small problem..."
Posted: by _VT_
Last Reply: by Dom
Views: 874    Replies: 3
"Appearently i have home of poi cached in my web browser, so when ever i come to the site it showes me pages from about a week and a half ago. I've tryed deleteing my cookies, temp inter..."
Posted: by maus
Last Reply: by K__
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"Okay, have tried searching but can't find anything so apologies inadvance if there's something I've missed.basically I've managed to get some last minute acting work for a play thingy, ..."
Posted: by hotness
Last Reply: by fNi
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"what do u think would be the best soundtrack for firedancing/zipping?- List your songs here -** hope home of poi would come up with a very nice soundtrack for firedancing.. what do u ..."
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