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Hi everyone, before you blast me for not searching etc, i'd just like to say i've been searching the forum history for over an hour and still havn't found what i need.

we have a gig in a couple of months and fee,duration etc is verbally agreed, but i still need to write up a contract. I'm having a total mind block, esp on how to set it out and the client has said to address it "as a private hire thing" which doesn't mean much to me. I've looked online for templates but couldn't find anything suitable for a fire performer. i was just wandering what i need to include in the contract. So far i've put the date, location, duration and what we'll be doing, i want to put the total fee to be paid with deposit upfront, but not too sure how to phrase this, someone suggested 33% was a reasonable deposit.

Basically any help esp on what i'm forgetting to add or perhaps a template etc would be really useful and definatley appreciated.

Thanks tons in advance!!


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Personally I have no idea, but you could contact the guys at Burnt Toast and ask them smile

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It is also helpful to have in the contract what will happen if the gig is cancelled. How much notice do you have to be given? Do you still get paid all or some of the money?

Also, If you are sick or injured and can't show up on the night are you allowed to nominate another performer in your stead (which could mean you still get some fee)

What sort of physical minimum space do you need eg to perform in, dipping/safety areas, dressing room, washing facilities?

What sort of lighting/ sound system, who provides it?

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You also need to consider cases or heavy rain/wind for outdoor gigs- in these cases do you still request full/partial payment?

Also liability cases for fire damage is usually made clear. Is the vendor expected to have updated fire extinguishers nearby? Are all curtains in the vicinity fire-proofed within the last two years? In which situations would you be held responsible?

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I'm going to have to agree with everyone saying about cancellation fees and deposits, in addition to safety concerns. Just be sure you look over if carefully and make sure all your bases are covered. I would also look into making sure you have a way out worked into the contract should you need to terminate the agreement the day of the show should unsafe conditions be presented.

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