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Umm.. I'm just wondering what is the best program to use in making videos for the purpose of putting on the internetty thing?

I have a digital camera with video setting, and very little clue how to go from there. Can anyone explain, in terms suitable for a 5-year-old how to go about it?

The problem is worse because I would have to copy the vid bit onto cd, then take it into the local library in order to even try to upload it, out home connection is so bad.

Also, where is good and free to stick 'em up, and how do you go about that?

Sorry, I will try and get a clue about computers, but I don't like them very much, to be honest.. wink


If that's okay with you?

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Do you have a Mac or a PC?
I would recomend that if you are halfway serious about video editing, you get Final Cut Pro for the Mac. It will do everything that you need it to and more.

If you are using a PC, try Adobe Premier Pro.
Its not as flexible as Final cut, but is the best video editing package I have found for the PC.

Both of those can compress files to sizes suitable for the net .

The first thing that you should do is check your comptuter's video card, see what kind of inputs it has (nmaking sure that they are the same as the outputs on your camera) and whether or not it is powerful enough to cope with video editing. The stndard ones that come with most PCs are often not powerful enough.

Hope that has helped and not just baffled ya wink

Not a spinner!

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If you can't get your hands on decent software just try using Windows Moviemaker. Nothing fancy but it will do the job.

To host your video file you can try

It's free and you can use it to host files of up to 60MB. The only drawback is that they automatically get deleted after a month if nobody downloads them.

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windows movie maker is by far the easyest to use for a beginner, no need to spend money on expencive editing software.

it really is as simple as

"add video"

"add audio"

adding some effects and visual transitions is simple too, just look at the story board instead of the time line and drag and drop the effects you desire.

you can hoast any video's on www.youtube.com

good luck with your video, you can check out some of mine on youtube by searching for raveheads video's wink

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