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Posted:I was thinking of buying a fire staff from this website and was wondering if anyone who has bought one from this site would let me know what they are like smile

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Posted:Depends on which type youre interested in and what you aim to do with them. Short staves, long staves, innercore? Single, doubles, contact, tosses, juggling, partner?

I own 2 of the short staves, and have used the long HoP staff and the Innercore. All of the above were very high quality products and worth their cost. Each one served its purpose well... However, I cant say any of them are perfect.

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Posted:Maybe you have your own reasons for buying from this site... and I'm not trying to upset anyone here... redface

... but as you're in the UK have you tried oddballs? (www.oddballs.co.uk). They don''t do contact staffs, but as ICon says it all depends on what you're going for. biggrin

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Posted:When you compare price, build quality and delivery/customer performance the products from HoP are easily as good as anything available from uk shops, if not better.

But while we're plugging Brit shops you can also try more specialist fire equipment providers like www.tepookatoys.com

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