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Posted:Hello, I'm new in this Forum, I'm spinning since 2 months, and I'm not that good, bad I can a few moves (5b weave, simple wraps, butterflies, etc.) and I would like to make a small performance for my family. It's just some kind of fun for all of us, but I think, if I will be so good anytime that I can make sth. bigger, it is not wrong to have a bit training in things like that.

My Problem: I don't have any idea how to make sth. like this. Is there special music, I can use?
Wich moves look good and wich combinations look good?Tha Problem is, that I could never really watch myself spinning, I saw only these Movies, where they do btb weaves, and other hard staff I can't do. So, is it possible to make a nice performance even without very special skills?

I'd be very glad if you could help me!

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Posted:Hi there wavehello

Welcome to HoP hug

Please, take your shoes off at the front door, and make yourself comfy. smile

I spose the first question is what props are you using? Will you be spinning fire? regular tails? Because any move to a non spinner with fire generally looks impressive, leading to a nice performance. If not do not fear, so many other aspects to focus on.

Good transitions between moves can make a performance turn from shoddy, to fluid and flowing and really really nice to watch. If you don't know any, look here and there might be a few, or do a search in the poi moves forums on HoP. Failing that, PM me and I may be able to suggest/explain a few. smile

As for music? It depends on how you like to spin? If you want a smooth, relaxing performance, choose the music you think would reflect you style, but if you want it fast and flashy, choose something more up beat. There is really no right or wrong with the music as such.

I would say dont rush your performance, take it slow, slower moves look better, and although a superfast 3 beat weave is impressive to a non spinner, a slower controlled weave can look so much nicer. Try varying the speeds, the height and the way you move with the poi to give a more viewable performance. biggrin

Lastly, check this video. Its simple ish moves (except for the isolations and antispin flowers) and yet it looks amazing.

Hope that helps biggrin



Posted:I don't use Firepoi, I just use LED Sockpoi and Ultra poi, thanks for links, Ill check them out soon!


Posted:I've got a little Problem, my inet is too slow for this staff, and I couldn't load the video you send me the link, because the link doesn't work...