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Posted: Will probably be for the weekend of the next Falmouth/Gwithian meet.

Basically I need people willing to be body painted,preferably some who are happy with partial nudity,to take part in a photo shoot.

Mech and i have decided to combine our talents and see if we can do something pretty funky with them!

It won't be seedy at all,i promise,(even though Mech is involved wink)

I could also do with some help painting for some of the bigger pieces if at all possible...Neon?

Obviously we would like to see some of your artwork/Body paint work in advance....please don't be offended by this it is just to ensure our painting styles would be compatible!

Unfortunately we are unable to pay you for this,(suprise suprise!), but you will have the bonus of knowing that you are a part of a work of art..and probably a few drinks aswell!!

Thanks in advance! biggrin

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