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Calling all inhabitants of the England/Wales border!

Please can you tell me what the areas of Holywell and Flintshire are like? Are they a decent place to live/work? What's the transport network like there? Sights & sounds, attractions etc.

For a friend. He is from, and currently lives in, M'bro.

Thanks guys smile

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I've been through Flintshire on the way to Liverpool but I don't know all that much about the place. ubbrollsmile

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train links look like this:

maps of bus routes in flint and holywell:

nevertheless it might be easier with a car, depending on which bit you live in...
but it's not far from chester, rhyl, wrexham, even crewe and liverpool for jobs and such, although that largely depends what sort of job he might be looking for..

other than that i only know it's quite pretty and near the sea.

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