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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Debt managment.....fun!


mancunian, United Kingdom


s/boardin, trampolining, climbing


Disclaimer:im not responsible for what i say or do whether it be before,during and after drinking alcoholic substances (owned by BMVC). Creater of Jenisms(TM) Virginity like bubble,one prick all gone.

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On top of the world, Tignes France
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4th September, 2005
"The Wolfs Revenge are great to play with although a little intimidating at first because there are 3 flames on each poi definatly not for a begginer."
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4th September, 2005
Unbelieveable and amazing!
"No matter what goes wrong over here you guys always manage to fix it! Your staff are genuinly friendly and extremly helpful. When i was having problems with my post office you sorted it straight away. Thankyou again so much guys!"
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