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Posted: by griffin
Last Reply: by griffin
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"ok, im in a Bad mood, and im desperate to vent, so here goesRight, im v pissed off with my friends-its the Summer! we're supposed to be going out Every night, having Fun, and theres eno..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Flapjacks
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"A drunk walks into a biker bar, sits down at the bar and orders a drink. Looking around, he sees 3 men sitting at a corner table. He gets up, staggers to the table, leans over, looks th..."
Posted: by _Aime_
Last Reply: by Rouge Dragon
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"Ok so last night i went to see the Chinese State Circus. On the way in a said to my friend 'would'nt it be cool if they did poi or stuff?' So we go in sit down and what's the first act?..."
Posted: by native
Last Reply: by Shifty Twin
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"ok i hate to say it but it is true. if the world ever cant feed me and i am starving do to loss of crops or anythinglike that i will be the first one to eat another human.i will eat veg..."
Posted: by andythepoi
Last Reply: by bender
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"I've been looking for a great fire related top to wear whilst whizzing flames round my head at festivalsTe Pooka have some BRILL tops with "burns heal and chicks dig scars" on them whic..."
Posted: by lakers
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Posted: by Matthew_Ne
Last Reply: by Madam Flame
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"Hey all, I was wondering if there were any poi spinners in Eugene, Oregon. I'm out here until next Friday, and I was hoping I could meet up with some people, possibly at this weekend's ..."
Posted: by bairie fen
Last Reply: by pounce
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"Well is it ?you know who you are !You know what I mean !big love peeps,hope we all catch up soon,gonna be gone by sept 20th its lookin like. ! Fruckin hooray !xxxmiss u's all"
Posted: by laudie
Last Reply: by Gelfling
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"well??? how would you describe it??? "
Posted: by native
Last Reply: by native
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"ok this is just a rant because its midnight and i have nothing to do. but i would like one or two random thoughts from as many people as possible. nothing organized just write what you ..."
Posted: by majik
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"It's my birthday today and I have nothing to do. It just had to fall right in the middle of the week and I'm stuck out in the hills. Some friends are taking me out this weekend to a me..."
Posted: by BamBam
Last Reply: by bpftilldeath
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"Ok here goes....Mother is ill, with Cancer she only has one lung, and as of last Monday only one kidney. They let her out of hospital last Sunday (very fecking early) . She also has sp..."
Posted: by kermit
Last Reply: by majik
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"ok everyone put in the story of when you got the worst burnt, any time, at anyevent, thru any means. multiple entries will be accepted if they are different, ill think of a prize for b..."
Posted: by Ash Blackstar
Last Reply: by Mele
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"I am so pissed off at my best friend right now. He found out last night about something that happened to me, and now he's pissed at me for some reason, even though he made it perfectly ..."
Posted: by Mistress Aurora
Last Reply: by Gidg
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"Just wanted to let everyone out in the HoP community know that we have a featured engineer on here.Good Job Dio! Click on this to see what I'm going on about "
Posted: by Penguin Sven
Last Reply: by Huff
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"Hey all.does any body know any good circus music and were I could get some?I just love that style of up trempo music an I think it would be great to hear more of it.Are their any CD's I..."
Posted: by robnunchucks
Last Reply: by PyroWill
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"are there any other fire spinners near manchester or birmingham im sure there must be but i haven't found any yet. i live near manchester but i go to uni in birmingham and i wanta try a..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Hanz
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"I'm contemplating joining an online DVD rental service - your DVDs are sent and returned to you by post. Has anyone any experience of online rentals - how do you find the service?In the..."
Posted: by Aleks
Last Reply: by andythepoi
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"there are some finishing on ebay soon should I get them?"
Posted: by Sunrise
Last Reply: by majik
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"My dream is journey to New Zeland,because power of nature and i d like to try to be in aeroplane 24 hours...POI Then India of course...because of spirituality and learn t..."
Posted: by Medusa
Last Reply: by (Sole)Spark
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"Well congratulations to me...I have got my third cold in the past two months...each one seems to be worse than the one before.I am only minutes away from taking myself back to the hospi..."
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by Rouge Dragon
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"I hear that apparently in Sweden, the Swedish Chef is called the Norwegian Chef.can anyone validate this?"
Posted: by Rouge Dragon
Last Reply: by Mele
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"My friend and I are thinking of spending our summer holidays fruit picking to earn some money, get fit and to generally have a bit of fun. we are thinking we might make it our "Schoolie..."
Posted: by PyroWill
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"Hi,Is anyone going to the reading festival this year?? "
Posted: by thor
Last Reply: by Malcolm
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"omg! malcom is an old bald dude with a tie! i just saw the 30-day gurantee banner when i was looking at staff moves. scary.not the old part, or the bald part (i feel that one too), but ..."
Posted: by piggyinapram
Last Reply: by Lynesse
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"Littlepiggy had great fun at glastonbury playing with her new friends but now back home and all alone she has no one to play with. Is there anyone near Glasgow or in Scotland playing..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by majik
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"I don't seem to think we've had a thread on this. So as to make it easier to keep track of who is celebrating a birthday when, if you would like us to (try and) remember your birthday,..."
Posted: by Jona
Last Reply: by Jona
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"Fire poi_ is DIY worth it: OR_ is spending 30 just rite for what u ge t: "
Posted: by Trillian
Last Reply: by Puk
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"(sorry to start another thread about paris, but...)Was one of you in Paris at the Louvre on July 26th? I saw someone with what looked like streamer poi hanging out of his pockets in the..."
Posted: by fireboy
Last Reply: by native
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"Honestly, there are tooooooooo many stupid people out there in this world. I mean sure there are people who do stupid things for laughts (harmless stupidity), But i am refering to the p..."
Posted: by Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)
Last Reply: by SpitFire
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" funny, there's also other funny stuff on that site"
Posted: by ado-p
Last Reply: by Jona
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"This is a completley irelavant post jus coz i just got my broadband connected and its really the bombigadyshishkebab. yeeee haaaaa, *trots happily off to download homeofpoi*"
Posted: by native
Last Reply: by native
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"ok here i go on my rant. i was talking to my friend in englandon the phone so it cost me a mint. but about 30 minutes into the call she says its tea time and has to go.does all of engla..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Rouge Dragon
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"So Patrick just informed me this morning that he's going to Russia in late December/early January...and he won't be back until mid-summer.For my part, I'm leaving Ann Arbor in April, co..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by flid
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"So there's a phenomenon known as "Sleep Paralysis" that often occurs when people are going to sleep or just waking up. Normally, when people are asleep, the brain remains active, so a ..."
Posted: by Madam Flame
Last Reply: by Madam Flame
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"For us "
Posted: by Gidg
Last Reply: by Gidg
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"You would think that I would be able to find a beginner diablo set in a city the size of Portland. But can I ?? ...NOOOOoooooo!! Everyone is saying two weeks! Two weeks is too late!!..."
Posted: by Puk
Last Reply: by pounce
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"Okay im guilty of giveing my friends calls after 6 am just to tell i "love them and miss em heaps". When was the last time you let your mates know ?."
Posted: by Madam Flame
Last Reply: by pounce
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"I tried doing a search for this & came up with nothing, so please don't scold me if there's another thread on this. I apologize in advance.Anyways, next to our names it has differe..."
Posted: by FyreFly
Last Reply: by Sunrise
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"Okay I don't know if this is in the right board. I am a regular member on this board but had to make this post anonymously I hope no one minds.I have an issue that I need help with.You..."
Posted: by native
Last Reply: by native
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"i have recently put circle caps and the end of my staff and atached short chained poi to each end so when i spin i get twice the flame. has any one ever done this before???"
Posted: by Henrik
Last Reply: by flid
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"i just think its stupid 2 have IRC when NOONE is using it.... "
Posted: by MikeIcon
Last Reply: by NYC
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"So last night I had the best time in a long time. I got to meet one of my all time fav spinners and long time inspiration, Skunk. On top of being an amazing spinner, hes an even more ..."
Posted: by (Sole)Spark
Last Reply: by (Sole)Spark
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"well what can i say i just returned from my first moonfest and it was an awsome experienceval arsn moonpixi bec and met are all cool as people im so glad i whenti even learnt some basic..."
Posted: by Cute_Devilish
Last Reply: by Madam Flame
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"Hello everyone, I am just learning Poi and glowstick swinging. I don't have any Poi or anything I have been using pencils and stuff to start out with but I was wondering how to make Po..."
Posted: by Parafinfairy
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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"This is really not that interesting but I'm sooo bored and have 20 mins to kill. I was flicking through some channels on the TV on Sunday when I saw Britney strutting her stuff in conc..."
Posted: by jodz500
Last Reply: by Frodo
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"im from cornwall, and i love circus. Dus everyone else? I do poi, and just started juggling...its all good.If u wanna chat, ill be right here!xxx"
Posted: by Trillian
Last Reply: by Trillian
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"I'm really sad today... the radio station I listen to, 97X (you may know it from the movie Rainman) went off the air yesterday. It's an independant station that has been playing mod..."
Posted: by Katch
Last Reply: by griffin
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"One of the local malls was looking for street performers...Our tiny group decide to try out for it and we've been asked to audition this Friday. Hopefully our somewhat basic skills will..."
Posted: by ^^francesca^^
Last Reply: by ^^francesca^^
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"So i'm going to have to pick a college to go to soon and i just can't make my mind up i need objective opinions, coz i am far from mature enough to make decisions for myself....i live i..."