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Rouge Dragon
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Rouge Dragon

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Posted:This is a bit of a rant, but i also find it slightly amusing (would find it a lot more amusing if it wasnt to my disadvantage, im sure!)

as some of you may know, i dont have fire equipment because i dont have sufficient cash funds for their purchase.
however for my 18th i received some lovely cash presents that were sufficient for my to buy some fire gear; this i mentioned to my parents and they managed to give me another suggestion which i agreed, was more appropriate. so i decided to buy a ring so it could be my special "18th birthday ring" and i set off prepared to spend the total of my birthday money.
however me and my excellent (if i do say so myself ubbangel) bargain hunting skills, found a ring for about a quarter of what i was prepared to pay! leaving...*drumroll* money to still buy fire!

now my parents probably thought they were pretty smart by convincing me to not buy fire gear and convincing me to buy a ring instead; but when i mention that i have left over money that i could spend on fire...suddenly mum gets me checking out all the jewelery shops again suggesting all these things that i could buy with my left over money and even saying she would contribute to certain items!ubblol

sorry, just had to share, because i find it rather amusing!

parents rolleyes

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:want the bad news? it NEVER ever EVER stops! i'm 37 for goodness sake n been a speed freak biker n a bungee jumper n a parachutist n a hitch hiker n a fire breather for YEARS n years n years, all with my folks knowing but being absolutely scared witless. been doing poi for about a year now...not THAT remarkable but good enough to put on quite a show for people who've not seen too mush of it before..
at a family barbecue week before glasto i got the kit out n did a few tricks. my bloody mum started CRYING! she thinks i'm suicidal now, and that i'm trying to find an "accidental" way of killing myself! it never stops, ever. n when YOU lot become parents n YOUR kids start playing with parrafin, ooooooooh yer gonna SO turn into the parents you despair of now!

It's smashing to be back x


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Posted:Written by:
Yeah, my parents were worried about me spinning fire... for the first minute. After my mum cried "WHERE'S THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER??" And I replied "AT YOUR FEET!" (lo and behold, a fire extinguisher at her feet) it's been all "Ohh, we have company over, wanna spin fire?", "Are you going to spin fire for your grandmother", "Oh, you have to do a FIRE SHOW for them!!"

teehee same as. My mum took pictures of my on her phone so she could show everbody at work. Then when i went to work experiance there it was all 'oh, your the pyro yeh?'


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Posted:well... my mum hates me spinning, but for one practical reason... she insists that my clothes smell too much like kero to be washed until "all the fumes are gone so the dryer won't explode and kill us all"... (cue me rolling on floor laughing so hard it hurts) ... and "you're wasting ALL your money on fuel"... 5.00 a month isn't much compared to her coffee and her knitting... but I can't say that and keep my life... my mom was a corrections officer and has five brothers who are all veterans and did crazy stuff like paratrooper and frogman... they tell cool stories... but they also turned her into a killing machine... she's 5'4" and a bit thick around the middle, but she can kick my ass and i'm 6'3" and 300lb with quite the upper body strength from poi. and quite the lower body strength from walking around town all day, every day... i think she really thinks i'm gonna kill myself, but i'm the youngest and I can just show her the alternatives in my two sisters.

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