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I have to take a Materials Science II midterm in an hour. Ive been up all nite reviewing, Everyone focus your energy and wish me luck biggrin
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Good Luck - have some kisses


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Good luck!



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Good luck! beerchug

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good luck!!! clap

and then you can relax with a beerchug

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You'll make it! We have faith smile clap

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Good Luck. You'll do fine. Just remember not to panic!

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great... the couse outline told us that this would be a two hour test.. we had 1 hour to complete it. The test itself easily took 1 and a half hours... Not 1 person was finished when he called time. I was talking to one of the people who ran the course after as he was grading it and he said that a good 80% of the people left at least 50% of the problems blank. Thank you engineering...

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well seems like im to late so heres a belated good luck

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Hope all went well, i'm sure you did just fine smile

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Here's a late good luck - I'm sure everything went fine - when do you get your results back?? hug

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin

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Good Luck TuTuMan!!!!!!!!!!! hug You can do it......
I just passed a really important Anatomy test so I know exactly how you feel but let me tell you: at some point it will be over and then - no matter how good or bad you were - you are happy cause it's done! And I know you can do it wink
GOOD LUCK and best wishes from me!!

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good luck smile

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