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im from cornwall, and i love circus. Dus everyone else? I do poi, and just started juggling...its all good.
If u wanna chat, ill be right here!

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Welcome to HoP! smile

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More Cornish peeps! biggrin

Are you coming to [Old link] next weekend? wink

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hey nice to meet you, welcome to hop.
Hop is an inetrnational community and sometimes the english slang that you are using makes it hard for some non english speaking people to understand...
try to type in full words and then everyone can take the time to read and say hello to you, cause they will understand it!! wink

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Oh my, Seems like a cornish invasion at the moment! wink

Welcome to the board! wavehello welcome

I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin

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wave biggrin ubbloco juggle weavesmiley bounce clap hehe sunny

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Welcome! All cornwall spinners and lots of non-cornwall spinners will be at Falmouth next weekend! You must come, everyone come to falmouth!!!


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Wow, it's way too much work for me to try to read that right now -.-;

*wanders away looking for coffee*

~ Bobo

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Hey. Where in Cornwall are you? Do i know you? *peers*

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urgh.... cornish spinners!!! lol

how are you, from cornwall i see, well if no-one else has mentioned it then i might as well...

go to falmouth 2 its gonna be brill.....

only downfall is there are going to be loads of cornish people there, doh...

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