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Posted: by heather_
Last Reply: by sichainey
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"Hello hello...It's been a while since I posted on here so I apologise if this thread is in the wrong location!I was wondering whether anybody would be able to help...I#m organising an e..."
Posted: by Pink...?
Last Reply: by Durbs
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"Anyone going to this?The line-up for the show ('A Kettle of Fish') is amazing, and it's always a good, cheap, convention. "Juggle 008 - License to Thrill'16th - 17th August 2008Sat: 10...."
Posted: by Hubert_Cumberdale
Last Reply: by Kat
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"It's festy It's spinny It's summah!! etc. http://www.bigchill.net/"
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by solar_bear
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"Ok, so sadly the Play Festival has had to be cancelled due to a flooded/muddy site. So that people don't feel like they booked holiday, bus/train/plane tickets or bought tents all in va..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by the_mods_stole_my_name
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"Hi all this is a little idea I had.I was gutteted that play got cancelled as I'm sure many of you where.But I bet Dunc and the rest of the crew are even more gutted not only after all t..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by TastesLikePurple
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"It's on!!!!All details are at playfestival.co.uk but here are the basics cause this is just the tease thread, where we want you to chat and not clog up the PLAYnews thread.:23-27 July i..."
Posted: by Derektions
Last Reply: by spinningstarlet
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"Hello EveryoneMy name is Dez and i am currently working on getting weekly fire nights set up in the liverpool (western) area of sydney.There are a number of twirlers/jugglers/drummers &..."
Posted: by QuestionzY
Last Reply: by keyarghah
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"I am only a beginner(Started 21st June 08) and am wondering if anyone will be at Utopia Homegrown at Acer Arena.Found that the one time I had the chance to spin with a more experienced ..."
Posted: by ufo8mycat
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"This is a call for fire performers - we're putting together a Big Burn of 100 spinners for the Secret Garden Party at the end of July, in Cambridgeshire. There are still a few spaces.Th..."
Posted: by psycleproductions
Last Reply: by psycleproductions
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" Thats right peeps, as its summer we have decided to open early to cram in as much quality entertainment as possible! As well as the info on the flyer, we will be booking as many band..."
Posted: by Lucy_DeLunatic
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hi there!This is just an idea, nothing is settled yet, we just wanna check if this idea might be worth the work So, a lovely friend of mine has the possibility to use a house at the str..."
Posted: by RusticNZ
Last Reply: by FireNix
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"I need a couple of people to do Fire Pois this Saturday on the Strip between 6.30-9pm while the Skullcandy Winter Rail Jam is on please contact me at jaclynnz@gmail.com if you can help!"
Posted: by blu_valley
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 14080    Replies: 108
"Hey Guys2006-May Spin27/28/29 May 2006 @the level from about 14:00 each day 2007- Easter weekend spin.CANCELLED!7/8/9 April 2007 @ the west pier on Brighton Beach from about 16:00/17:00..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by scoobydoobie
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"HEY, where are all the Toronto poi people?Am i the only one? I am VERY new at all this, but I want to meet with other's so i can learn more and more.email me if you want to spin in toro..."
Posted: by FlameChild
Last Reply: by Maneno
Views: 2788    Replies: 11
"I find it time to expand the PiP-concept worldwide. At least to Norway. In very near future, I will take all of my "apprentices" out in the parks around my home-town, and spread ..."
Posted: by vitalyo
Last Reply: by scoobydoobie
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Posted: by willworkforfoodjnr
Last Reply: by simta
Views: 708    Replies: 3
"Well, my show at the weekend got cancelled, so I decided to give Shamania a blast.Anyone else going?"
Posted: by Bubbles_
Last Reply: by StealthPete
Views: 4492    Replies: 38
"As some of you know, us manc spinners have been talking about shell island since play has been canceled.This is an open option for anyone who wants to join us! The plan thus far is we w..."
Posted: by funkyfirefairy**
Last Reply: by Gnor
Views: 18649    Replies: 10
"hey pplzi have just moved back to northcliffe in the southwest of WA from the east coast.. over there i got really into fire dancing and used to perform with fire troupe. but now im bac..."
Posted: by Xyn
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"&lbr;image&rbr;http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1051353&id=655436808&lbr;/image&rbr; Bornfire, Southeast Asia Fire Festival is back for the 3rd year! Yeah!The festival will be ..."
Posted: by dawndream
Last Reply: by dawndream
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"I have been lurking here for years, so Hello guys, my name is Dawn and I have been spinning for 4 years but I consider myself a juggler. I have been planning this trip across country fo..."
Posted: by Dunc
Last Reply: by jo_rhymes
Views: 4709    Replies: 43
"Hello peeps Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread, (moderate me if you need to) If you're looking for an official PLAY alternative please note that we are not sanctioni..."
Posted: by BansheeCat
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"If you are in SF or can get there, go to this circus caberet!It is going to be really really amazing.... and it is a benefit too!Advance tickets on sale now! It will sell out, so act fa..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Andy5798
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"Is there anyone here in South-Eastern Michigan?I live in Ann Arbor."
Posted: by fireflyzSA
Last Reply: by kerryann
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"Are there any groups in Johannesburg (south Africa)Please contact me bview@global.co.za"
Posted: by CmkB
Last Reply: by Pink...?
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"HelloNow with the glorious weather, (lets hope it stays) I am looking to meet people who live or would like to spin in or around Camden. We could share knowledge and have some fun. Hop..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by Jettwilderbeast
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"cancelled due to lack of attendees"
Posted: by madshazuk
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 364    Replies: 2
"hi i'm from bristol and often travel around the festy's!!! (just done glasto) just wondering if anyone travelling to knockengorroch festival 18-21 sept and would like to meet up and may..."
Posted: by Motley
Last Reply: by steaks
Views: 34133    Replies: 289
"Thats right! Poi in the Punt will happen again this year on the earlier date of Saturday 31st May. I have tried to find a date which doesn't clash with anything (much) else to try to ge..."
Posted: by Olive
Last Reply: by PooKa
Views: 6220    Replies: 35
"It's been a while since I'm supposed to advertise for that, so here we go: Bored of rainy & freezing northern europe spinning festival ???Come to the second edition, of the biggest ..."
Posted: by ezeeckiel
Last Reply: by pineapple pete
Views: 1704    Replies: 6
"Dear Jugglers from around the world,The 1st French Juggling Convention is coming soon ! It also the 10thJuggling convention in Carvin. Remember EJC2004 ? That was them too !The dates : ..."
Posted: by OneFlammableGuy
Last Reply: by OneFlammableGuy
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"It's gonna be epic- expect over 100 performers, workshops in all sorts of skills from juggling (naturally) through to all fire arts, magic and circus type workshops, a public show, a ma..."
Posted: by jemima (jem)
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
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"It's not dirt cheap, but maybe an option for someone "
Posted: by dnc
Last Reply: by dnc
Views: 610    Replies: 2
"Ok im surprised nobody posted this earlier and this will probably be lost without any replies, but I wanted to allow the community who are going to be able to arrange a meet up at the f..."
Posted: by Hersmunch
Last Reply: by Hersmunch
Views: 1140    Replies: 3
"Hey, somewhere to go thats a bit closer than Wales I posted on diabolo.ca first, so have a look at what i said there...http://diabolo.ca/forum/index.php?topic=4550.msg61076#msg61076chee..."
Posted: by andreea_loredana
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"Hi everyone,The ART Fusion Association from Romania it's looking for 3 motivated EVS volunteers to come in the capital (Bucharest) and join our team from 15th of January until 30th of A..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by Mr_Chutney
Views: 2383    Replies: 9
"Hello!so this is the official, for HOP, proper details of PLAY festival, and how you can get involved. please keep it spam free, and we'll bump it every once in a while with urgent news..."
Posted: by TZLouse
Last Reply: by TZLouse
Views: 657    Replies: 2
"G'Day all!Hi my name is Nick, I have been doing Poi/Fire for about 7 weeks now and loving it. Lately myself and a couple of other twirlers have been getting together and doing a "Fire N..."
Posted: by TwistedTouch
Views: 547    Replies: 0
"We're putting on an event on Sunday the 27th of July in Maidstone at Lashings. Its an all day gig inside, a poker tournament downstairs and oustide we're playing some cool tunes for spi..."
Posted: by Berno
Last Reply: by TZLouse
Views: 1064    Replies: 3
"Cairns Fire Gathering................Every Friday night at Lake Placid.Heya! For the last few months we have been having a great time down at Lake Placid (still water...mountains..!!..."
Posted: by gwenstilts
Last Reply: by gwenstilts
Views: 924    Replies: 1
"blog :http://www.bebo.com/phoenixjugglingfestIn the traditional style of a Juggling ConventionThursday - Registration 2pmWorkshops from 2pm - 8pmFire Show in the Market Square 10pmFrida..."
Posted: by mini_mansell
Last Reply: by Pink...?
Views: 16562    Replies: 131
"i hope to see ALL of you at BJC2008its a brilliant venue and we have a lot of fun things plannedwww.bjc2008.co.uk"
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by Rellizate
Views: 24214    Replies: 204
" Workshops: Tai Chi Hat manipulationUnicyclingSpinningHealing space The Firegathering Festival 2007 websiteGot 3 Tickets already "
Posted: by dubdayz
Last Reply: by Rellizate
Views: 860    Replies: 4
"HiWe are holding a brand new VW show in Nottinghamshire, England and are looking for some POI and/or other entertainments to attend. There'll be lots of Camper Vans and other dubs and o..."
Posted: by Fearpig
Last Reply: by bodhisattva
Views: 916    Replies: 7
"Hello...Anyone else going?"
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
Views: 1564    Replies: 6
"The Barefoot/Goddess Festival is an intimate, family friendly gathering focusing on the celebration of dance, music, art and culture. Set in the cultural heart of the country, middle En..."
Posted: by mattbassman
Last Reply: by sureau
Views: 30625    Replies: 353
"Hi there, we have confirmed the same site for next year. 13-14-15th June. Announcments and discussion can be found HERE!!!See you therexxxAs a PS...If you joined our forum a while ago, ..."
Posted: by fire.chef
Last Reply: by JaqueDark
Views: 1524    Replies: 8
"Hey is any one interested in an all night free party for solstice, its on the 21st of june, not quite sure of the location yet (trying to find a secure location). All are welcome spinne..."
Posted: by Clackhead
Last Reply: by Plumsie
Views: 1101    Replies: 1
"Hi all,A long time lurker here posting for the first time.On behalf of Leicester Jugglers, we have great pleasure in announcing the forthcoming Leicester Circus Festival, aka Lestival!O..."
Posted: by Karsten
Last Reply: by Karsten
Views: 1612    Replies: 2
"Hello everyone - especialy the ones i know from UberParis, Feuerkunst Berlin, UberEurope, Belleville Paris, BCC Conv 3 etc ! The Fusion festival is a very large open air festival (~3000..."
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