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Posted: by DsAds
Last Reply: by avalanche
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"Was Chatting Earlier With Tim (a.k.a. Ogre) and he was wanting to do something on Bonfire night. Seeing as i have the discision making skills of something that has no brain, and Ogre l..."
Posted: by newgabe
Last Reply: by BrettStar
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"Due to popular demand, we are proud to present.... UberOz3Yes! That fabulous long weekend of skillz injektion, creative SHAZZAM and and more !!! Here's the word:DatesThurs 28th-Sun 31s..."
Posted: by torchlein
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"Nick Woolsey of Play Poi is coming to the U.K For those of you who do not know Nick, he is one of the most experienced poi teachers around, and has travelled all over the world teaching..."
Posted: by Gheu
Last Reply: by Effinkay
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"I want to know if anyone from Maine, the most north east, hickish state of them all, has any other people that do poi, I would love to hook up with some people and work on our stuff.---..."
Posted: by willworkforfoodjnr
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"Late notice I know!Kaoticka have teamed up with the imbolc club swingers and tonight will be doing 3 showings of our full new 20-minute fireshow between 6:00 and 7:30 in Greenhead park,..."
Posted: by Juan Anonly
Last Reply: by bluestorm
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"Hey, I was wondering if there were any poi spinners around Brussels, or if there were any going to Werchter next week, because it would be great to meet up at some point. My mate and I ..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Kat
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"I'm organising this years Bonfire Night in Victoria Park. I've added a risk assessment and looks like will have permission for some fire spinning. If you are interested in joining the f..."
Posted: by orenico
Last Reply: by georgemc
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"My housemate Cel is worried.you were ment to be in christchurch on tuesday.anyone knows anything?where is petey?"
Posted: by Weasel
Last Reply: by Nate
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"Does this still happen somewhere?if so can someone let me know when and where, all the oxford juggling topics seem old, and im thinking of making a weaselly comeback but i live in oxfor..."
Posted: by bieger
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"Dear street artists, artistics, jugglers,... acrobats !There`s a workshop by TIKA in SHAKE - das Zelt am Ostbahnhof IN BERLIN from oct 27 - 31For those who have more time ... More Info ..."
Posted: by Madelyn
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"The Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival is only two weeks away!Friday, Nov. 7, 2008 6 to 10 p.m., open juggling in the gym.Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008 - 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., open juggl..."
Posted: by si_sheff
Last Reply: by Loewan
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"Hey everyone, it's getting close to that time of year again: Sheffield's PitP Birthday is nearly upon us and i need a bit of feedback from the wider community about dates and numbers fo..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by bender
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" Rainbow Serpent Festival This is one of Australia's best outdoor psytrance-focussed annual events.. Located 2.5 hrs from Melbourne, this party spans 3 days of natural beauty, amaz..."
Posted: by xmalx
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"Does anyone know if the Margate spinning group is still running on Thursday evenings? They have a myspace site but haven't updated in a year."
Posted: by teknonket
Last Reply: by southspinner
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"HI All,I'm trying to get a fire meet organised for Saturday 18th September at around 20:30 on Plymouth Hoe.We are looking to get as many people as possible there and get as much down on..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
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"Hey guys,The band I play in, Afo Afo, are playing in the Turk's Head every Wednesday night from 9:30.Details can be found over here over here...It's be great to see any of ye there..."
Posted: by Tellan
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"Hey you all, I know its a lil late but here I am to tell you Next week, starting Oct. 23rd, will be the fourth International Circus Convention at Xilitla, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Its..."
Posted: by Mr_Chutney
Last Reply: by Firetramp
Views: 29683    Replies: 136
"September 13-21 '08More info here:http://www.bristoljuggcon.datacomms.net/Couldn't see a thread for this years so I've started one I've just booked my holiday "
Posted: by PCP1
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"The amazing Nick Woolsey (from Playpoi.com and the DVD "The Scales of Poi") is coming to London to teach a series of poi spinning workshopsFor those of you who do not know Ni..."
Posted: by si_sheff
Last Reply: by si_sheff
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"hey guys, si here from sheffield here.. in matt and lolli's busyness and due to the problems with poiinthpark.net at the mo we havent really managed to ascertain when to hold pip this m..."
Posted: by Ewano
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"Just thought I would make a quick post about the Durham juggling Convention happening this weekend (18th/19th October).http://www.durhamjugglingconvention.co.ukStarts at 10am Saturday, ..."
Posted: by Ronopotamus
Last Reply: by AnotherCircle
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" Clonakilty juggling Convention is back again this year! 26th-28th SeptemberI'm already excited! we've had confirmations that Ed "LTC" Adams (Poppingliquidcontactypoimanipulatorfantast..."
Posted: by Bekar
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"Hello, friends!!! We are going to organize a small international fire-festival (1...2 days). there will be the guests from Lithuania and Ukraine. The date of event is depends of You and..."
Posted: by ElectricBlue
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"In Canberra? looking for something to do on sat? want to support cancer charities? This is gonna be a great show lots of bands and cool stuff but more relevantly we are doing a side sho..."
Posted: by Kat
Last Reply: by Kat
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"Live Music and events in Victoria Park, Saturday 6th Septemnerhttp://www.vpag.org.uk/news.htm#fun * Circomedia workshops * Hyperloop hoops workshop * Puppet Show - Puppetual ..."
Posted: by letsgroove
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" "
Posted: by Spanner
Last Reply: by duballstar
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"Originally Posted By: http://www.thesynergyproject.org/Dear friends, another summer has gone by and after many adventures in the fields we are preparing for another magical season of yo..."
Posted: by Madelyn
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"The Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival will be Nov. 7 and 8 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania (USA), a charming suburb of Pittsburgh with lots of interesting restaurants and shops.Check ou..."
Posted: by PinkNigel
Last Reply: by simta
Views: 1193    Replies: 18
"Yup, it's happening. Saturday 4th October. All the usual stuff in all the usual places at the usual times. If you don't know what those are by now then shame on you!! (Or, just watch th..."
Posted: by psycleproductions
Last Reply: by psycleproductions
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"Amazingly - Psycle is on til 5am this month!!! come prepared, this is going to be mammoth...."
Posted: by Alay
Last Reply: by Myndmelder
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"Hey!Does anyone know if the sunday evening meetings in the Retiro-Park in Madrid still exist and if yes, can you tell me when and where exactly?Thx!Angi"
Posted: by Chimney
Last Reply: by Keys
Views: 2162    Replies: 13
"Hello. If anyone is interested Face of Melinda and I are going to have a spinning meet in Dundee.It'll be at 6pm and for location we are either having it under the Tay Bridge at the bac..."
Posted: by meshunderlay
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
Views: 1036    Replies: 4
"Hey there, I know it's soon, but I figured I'd throw it up here for the hell of it.This weekend, October 4th and 5th, there's a juggling fest in Philadelphia PA.You can get some info at..."
Posted: by MikefromGlos
Last Reply: by Mr_Chutney
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"Hi guys on Friday there is a meet in gloucester park for all the spinners and juggles and well everyone basicly... Starts at 7 i will be there a little earlyer as usual so if anyone wan..."
Posted: by simta
Last Reply: by simta
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" Written by DATE: 26-28th September 2008LOCATION: Nr Durham / NewcastleCOST: Early bird Tickets available at 30 from the websitewww.thimbleberry.co.ukINFO: See Website above, join..."
Posted: by deadkenndys1105
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"I know its quite last minutes but is there anyone going to the great lakes decomp? If you are you should find the chicago fire tribe camp."
Posted: by =Flashpoint=
Last Reply: by =Flashpoint=
Views: 28106    Replies: 100
"Hi Everyone!Following on from the success (and giggles) of the regular Manc meets, I have taken it upon myself to get together the spinners of Chester in a meet-up with a view to making..."
Posted: by Lucy_DeLunatic
Views: 519    Replies: 0
"Hi Guys!Anybody interested to go there?I will be there from 1. to 17. oct.Be seeing you Fab* Trans Yapit 1st international culture weeksat the gas works in Kadiky30. September until ..."
Posted: by Threeworlds
Last Reply: by keyarghah
Views: 2298    Replies: 14
"1st Prize $1000.00 @ Threeworlds2nd Prize $500.00 @ Threeworlds3rd Prize $250.00 @ ThreeworldsOur annual Fire Twirling Competition is onSaturday 20th September @ 6pmCurrumbin Parkland, ..."
Posted: by ElectricBlue
Last Reply: by keyarghah
Views: 1023    Replies: 2
" Hi there peoples a short time ago saw some people spinning in civic at the chess pit and i read someting about it hear. i was wondering if this still goes on and what would one hav..."
Posted: by shen shui
Last Reply: by happyinmotion
Views: 3196    Replies: 14
" hi!from sept 13 the weekly fire spinning meet in wellington (nz - not the other one thats in the motherland (dunc)) are moving from aro park to frank kitts park.frank kitts park is on..."
Posted: by vyvyan
Last Reply: by vyvyan
Views: 1023    Replies: 8
"FireWorks Dance Company is looking for a few good pyro men and/or women for some upcoming Sydney gigs. If youre insured, professional, versatile, well costumed and well experienced plea..."
Posted: by Zazie
Views: 693    Replies: 0
"Amazing little festival in Norfolk, The Antic Banquet, is happening this weekend.Around 500 people, lots of amazing music and antics - Beardyman is headlining. On the Sunday there's a m..."
Posted: by Knagi
Last Reply: by wandershroom
Views: 1192    Replies: 1
"Hey guys how's it going. I'm planning a campout gathering at nelson's ledges on the 28th and 29th of september. I have three ppl so far including myself. It's an awesome campground and ..."
Posted: by Firetwirler
Last Reply: by anonomatos
Views: 1146    Replies: 7
"this is for the dutch firetwirlers zijn er nog nederlanders die firetwirlen of ben ik helemaal de enige hier in dit kleine landje? laat even wat van je horen en mischien kunnen we wel..."
Posted: by Gabrielle
Last Reply: by Poje
Views: 8911    Replies: 50
"Hi thereI'm psyching myself up for the infamous Burningman. Any tips for first timers???? Anyone going from the San Diego/ LA area???"
Posted: by Seye
Last Reply: by =Flashpoint=
Views: 2451    Replies: 13
"LA MACHINE Liverpool 5,6,7 September 2008 Its finally out there!I can finally talk about it!You can all finally see it!Details will be on LaMachine.co.uk later today.There's pictures of..."
Posted: by DC
Last Reply: by newgabe
Views: 4506    Replies: 8
"Hi there, Myself and 2 friends run a small record label that is shooting a video this saturday near Brick Lane East London. The track is a mad soca track featuring grime mcs badness and..."
Posted: by CherryL21
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"POI IS A GREAT WAY TO STAY FIT, MEET NEW PEOPLE AND HAVE FUN. (starting at the Highwayman Youth Centre)Poi Beginners - 8 Week CourseContact TEl: 01903203343 or mobile : 07900063767re..."
Posted: by MikefromGlos
Last Reply: by MikefromGlos
Views: 1748    Replies: 12
"hi guys thought this would be a good place to get ideas.Me and a friend are oragnising a weekend fest for next year in south wales.... Music, workshops, shows etc. This year is only a s..."
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