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yeah, i live in the UK and have done since 1987, and still give blood. (thanks for this thread by the way, i need to go tomorrow). i Waited until i was 20, as when i was 17 and went fo...

Hi Dez!!I've moved this thread to the meet others section as you are much more likely to get a good response in here!!good luck with your meet-up!

i have to walk certain routes. like cross the road in certain places. even if there is someone with me i cannot cross the road in the wrong place. I also have to press the button at t...


Multi-Color LED Poi ball  
      21st September, 2006
Awesome and Amazing
"Wow!! they came so fast (much faster than the designated 7-9 days!) they are soft enough to practice with and look amazing in the dark! they are easy to use and batteries easy to change (and get hold of new ones!) i can't sing the praises of these enough!"
, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
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