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HEY, where are all the Toronto poi people?Am i the only one? I am VERY new at all this, but I want to meet with other's so i can learn more and me if you want to spin in toronto,

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I'm interested in learning poi, and live near the Beaches of Toronto. I had a 5-minute lesson from a stranger at a party, and just fell in love. That's about the length ofmy experience. I need to get or make some, and start practicing in myback yard or a park. How far along are you?

EnryoPLATINUM Member
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Location: BC, Kelowna, Canada

Hey, I"m from the peterborough area which is about 1.5hrs from T.O and also just started poi. I've never been to a rave and looking for somebody who could point me in the direction of one
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ghostgirlSILVER Member
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Location: toronto, ontario, Canada

hey im in ther downtown toronto area, poi''ing is aswem. when i started i couldent stop, iv never actually tried it at a rave thought cuz im afrade of hitting people 0.o


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hey wuts up im new in toronto looking for people to spin fire with i do the rope dart and fire sword if anyone wants to spin let me know

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