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Posted: hi i'm from bristol and often travel around the festy's!!! (just done glasto) just wondering if anyone travelling to knockengorroch festival 18-21 sept and would like to meet up and maybe show me a few more Poi Moves

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Posted:Hi Shaz.
Welcome to HoP! Yep festivals are fine things. (specially in fine weather wink )Here's a few tips about posting on HoP for you, so you get the responses you want more easily...

I suggest you rename your thread with the actual name of the festival... Knockengorroch. Just "Festivals' is a bit vague for people to know what you're asking cos there are SO many festivals around the world. Also put a link to the festival's website - oh hang on, I'll do that for you cos I know how to...Here we go.. Knockengorroch Festival ubbrollsmile (worth taking the time to learn how to do'reply' or 'edit and there is a code panel)

Then move the thread to the Events section.. or Meet Others perhaps. Because the Chat section on HoP is contains word games etc, not genuine queries. No doubt you'll be looking on HoP for all the wonderful Poi Lessons and videos etc; so worth taking a few minutes to check out the different forums and how they work and what's in them. There's a wealth of info.

By the way, the Knockengorroch 'Hairth' is at the same time as a major poi/juggling event... the Bristol Juggling Convention. So perhaps by that end of the summer you'll be more interested in going to one of the great juggly events right on your doorstep than travelling to Scotland for (mostly) Celtic music! wink

Hmmm. I know how to move threads too so perhaps I'll do that for you. Have fun finding people to play with ubbrollsmile

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Posted:pssst...knockengorroch is a reaaallly really awesome festival with a completely beautiful vibe.. and not all celtic music wink (they normally have a trance 'chillout' tent but this year it was the techno barber that came through with the beats after the bands were done!)

will probably be going to the may one but theres a really nice party on the same weekend. maybe see you at one of them smile

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