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Posted: by gwenstilts
Last Reply: by gwenstilts
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"blog : the traditional style of a Juggling ConventionThursday - Registration 2pmWorkshops from 2pm - 8pmFire Show in the Market Square 10pmFrida..."
Posted: by mini_mansell
Last Reply: by Pink...?
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"i hope to see ALL of you at BJC2008its a brilliant venue and we have a lot of fun things"
Posted: by pitman
Last Reply: by Rellizate
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" Workshops: Tai Chi Hat manipulationUnicyclingSpinningHealing space The Firegathering Festival 2007 websiteGot 3 Tickets already "
Posted: by dubdayz
Last Reply: by Rellizate
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"HiWe are holding a brand new VW show in Nottinghamshire, England and are looking for some POI and/or other entertainments to attend. There'll be lots of Camper Vans and other dubs and o..."
Posted: by Fearpig
Last Reply: by bodhisattva
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"Hello...Anyone else going?"
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by Skulduggery
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"The Barefoot/Goddess Festival is an intimate, family friendly gathering focusing on the celebration of dance, music, art and culture. Set in the cultural heart of the country, middle En..."
Posted: by mattbassman
Last Reply: by sureau
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"Hi there, we have confirmed the same site for next year. 13-14-15th June. Announcments and discussion can be found HERE!!!See you therexxxAs a PS...If you joined our forum a while ago, ..."
Posted: by fire.chef
Last Reply: by JaqueDark
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"Hey is any one interested in an all night free party for solstice, its on the 21st of june, not quite sure of the location yet (trying to find a secure location). All are welcome spinne..."
Posted: by Clackhead
Last Reply: by Plumsie
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"Hi all,A long time lurker here posting for the first time.On behalf of Leicester Jugglers, we have great pleasure in announcing the forthcoming Leicester Circus Festival, aka Lestival!O..."
Posted: by Karsten
Last Reply: by Karsten
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"Hello everyone - especialy the ones i know from UberParis, Feuerkunst Berlin, UberEurope, Belleville Paris, BCC Conv 3 etc ! The Fusion festival is a very large open air festival (~3000..."
Posted: by J_SEK
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"My name is Dj J-SEK, I am hosting a bi-weekly lake party @ Ray Hubbard (Dallas, Tx). Me and two other friends have been doing this for four years now, but just recently decided that we ..."
Posted: by Sangre_del_Sol
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"Sage will be holding a series of poi and staff dance workshops in the Austin, TX area on June 21st and 22nd. The workshops will be held at Circus Tent Theatre on 6404 Hergotz Ln. Visit ..."
Posted: by FireNix
Last Reply: by joshgomera
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"Hi ya'llJust to let you know its World Juggling day tomorrow and at Kumarani Circus in Dargaville we're going to be doing a wee Parade and workshops for the folk of Dargaville and beyon..."
Posted: by FoxxyLove
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"Anyone headed to the Gathering in Wyoming this year? If so we should meet up so you can show me what's up in the poi department. I'm pretty excited, Spring Council released the direct..."
Posted: by d4rkly_cute
Last Reply: by paprika
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"Hello,I'm new in Edinburgh and I was wondering if there is still a gathering in Edinburgh. I looked at an old post, but it directed to me to an Error 404 page (I'm assuming that that p..."
Posted: by heather0407
Last Reply: by Icarus
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" Check out winter solstice... far nothern bush doof.. be there having a spin! "
Posted: by Dinx
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"To all Israeli fire spinners!Wandering traveller with flaming desire to light up and burn bright seeks all or any Israeli fire spinners for a night of fiery delight!Staying close to Tel..."
Posted: by jd47
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"Hi Im the curator of a art event happening in London in sept called Illumini, which is themed on light.Please visit our website to find out about the event at"
Posted: by newgabe
Last Reply: by Pogo69
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"Yes, it's that time again:Northey St City Farm have asked me to call in some fire spinners for their Winter Solstice community bonfire.We will be part of the main event at about 8.30 pm..."
Posted: by ElectricBlue
Last Reply: by keyarghah
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"Hey Every one this is a little sideshow and circus project i have been working on with a few circusie friends. Would love to see some of you there.Le Petit Sideshow, Canberras only sid..."
Posted: by daisylou
Last Reply: by Heulyn
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"I would like to invite you all to the UKs newest juggling convention Party on the Pier. Set on the scenic North Wales Coastline, it is the ONLY juggling and circus skills convention ..."
Posted: by LazyAngel
Last Reply: by rin_666
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" so I know this is another Strawberry fair thread, but there is a point to this one being here this early.For those of you who don't know what it is,..."
Posted: by FMFcrew
Last Reply: by Brenn
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"Hi @ all Fullmoon Freax! The summer is coming closer and closer. The trees and plants are blooming and piece by piece its getting warmer in middle Europe. The weather experts are forec..."
Posted: by Anastaisha
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"russian perfermance!"
Posted: by karalis
Last Reply: by karalis
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" video:"
Posted: by era_obscurum
Last Reply: by Lizzybeth
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" Hey all , If your interested there is a fire spin party on the 25th May 2008 at the bandstand , castle field southsea ... meeting at 8 though ppl prob wnt spin fire till later and sinc..."
Posted: by =Flashpoint=
Last Reply: by Birgit
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"Well, ladies, and gentlemen!I was having a little think the other day, and I thought its time for the spinners to have a bit of non spinning entertainment!I suggest that many of us wier..."
Posted: by bieger
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"Hi,were two girls from berlin searching for a car pool to + back from FUSION festival this year.Wed like to go on thursday and leave on sunday...Would be nice...thank you !Bieger "
Posted: by vlyondean
Last Reply: by _Aime_
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"I'm organising an event called Pushy Mums in Chorlton Water park on June 1st. The idea is that lots of mums and dads come down and push their buggies/walk their families around the wate..."
Posted: by mini_mansell
Last Reply: by _G_
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"lots of nice people chilling out in teh beautiful lake district.3 quid a night. come stay thurs fri and sat night.we have showers. a kitchen, loads of camping space.and us. nice, ..."
Posted: by Noelski
Last Reply: by Poje
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"Hey everyone! Looks a like lots of people are coming from all over for this one. Can't wait to see you there. If you have questions ask away! FireDrums VIThursday, May 1st - Sunday, Ma..."
Posted: by snowbeastie
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"Free poi lesson!!! I'll be selling gear and offering lessons. This is a chance to meet others and to learn from one another. Email to find out more"
Posted: by FoxxyLove
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"I know there has to be a few of you out there headed to Wy. this year so show yourselves! Maybe we could meet up and someone could show me what's really up with poi haha. My name's Je..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Today, in the US is October 26, 2007. Otherwise known as HoP's 9th birthday!!!!I know I signed in on November 11, 1998 for the first time and I remember when it was a rocketship of love..."
Posted: by Loewan
Last Reply: by LostSurfer
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"Signed on with Oxfam so get to go for free. My first time so should be fun. Anyone else coming? The rumour line-up seems pretty good for trip-hop fans. Heard the Stone Circle is highly ..."
Posted: by Skulduggery
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hi all you lovely performance hoopers. I have had a gentleman contact me through Hyperloop Hoops to ask if I knew of any performance hoopers that would be available to do a Circus run f..."
Posted: by snowbeastie
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"Diwali fesival (not sure exact date). I'd like to get a spinning group together to perform"
Posted: by inactive
Last Reply: by Chelly
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"Scottish Invasion 2006,18th - 20th August, InvernessSorry guys I deleted this thread in a fit of madness, but ti is still all go, PLEASE let us know if you wanna come so we can get the ..."
Posted: by Hana4
Last Reply: by Dexta
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"SpunOut 2008Perth, Western AustraliaFriday 11th to Monday 14th, AprilSpunOut is the Perth Fire Crew's annual fire and circus workshop weekend.The event is open to anyone wanting to get ..."
Posted: by lauz the caterpilla
Last Reply: by lauz the caterpilla
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"Poi in the park at south glade field nottingham, ng5 5lt.Its a day for spinning etc, it starts at 2pm and all ages are welcome!In the evening aswell there will be a party! which is on a..."
Posted: by dancingtiger
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Hi Everyone.Just a reminder that B and J is on again this Friday night if you are looking for something totally unique to do. Come along and spin, juggle, sing tell a joke, whatever! Or..."
Posted: by jugglingparr
Last Reply: by Kyle McLean
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"Melbourne's 1st Conference of its kind: 10 hours of workshops geared towards professional development for circus artists, with an Open Stage show to close. There will be a 'Silent Pane..."
Posted: by sky
Last Reply: by blondeone35901
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" FireDrums IV Sept 28, Oct 1, 2006 FireDrums is about bringing the global Fire Arts and Drumming Communities together to share knowledge and to propel these burgeoning Art Forms forwa..."
Posted: by CaffeinatedKatie
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"Wulapalooza is Willamette (rhymes with d*mmit) University's annual Earth, Art, and Music festival. During the festival is also the big performance for the WU Poi Club. Area spinners una..."
Posted: by orenico
Last Reply: by _Poiboy_
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"shalom salam!in all the threads posted so far there has never been an all-israeli spinning thread. so i'm happy to be the first to post it my name is oren and at the time of writing t..."
Posted: by Lightninbolt
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
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"Hi, a nice bunch of creatives have been given a budget by Universal to make a one shot promo video/viral for the band Frankmusik We need a cute, good looking ..."
Posted: by FireNix
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"Greetings allI would like to invite all you Kewi's and others to Littleweed festival this weekend, to sample the wonders of Community Circus and an awesome Cabaret.Kumarani Community Ci..."
Posted: by jugjimcos
Last Reply: by FireNix
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"Saturday 17 - Friday 23 May 2008Unique juggling and circus, fire and black light event... Now family friendly with activities for kids.Also its not just me running it anymore - see the..."
Posted: by mini_mansell
Last Reply: by Mr_Chutney
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"If anyone wants to puchase some BJC2008 clothing. we are making an order in a week.Hoodies are 25Baggy T 12Lady T 12Strappy Vest 12Cotton shopping Bag 3.50cloth..."
Posted: by Cerambus
Last Reply: by Pyrolific
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"Tuneskis tonight under the King William St bridge with the fire pixies.Electro squeeks, dubby bleeps, psionic psy and grilled out chill will mingle with the goodness of live drummery.Co..."
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