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Posted:It's been a while since I'm supposed to advertise for that, so here we go:

Bored of rainy & freezing northern europe spinning festival ???

Come to the second edition, of the biggest & broadest French firespinning festival, organized by the south of France spinning community "FestiFlam":

FAYA Festival, gathering people from all around France & Belgium, for a 4-days event in the South of France, in a small town named Poussan, close to Montpellier, 5km from the sea-side

multi-pass fees: 20 for 4 days, incl. breakfast, shows, camping and free parafin

Trailer Video 2008: D/L link 16Mb ("right click save as")

streaming version:

what's to be expected:

daytime :


shows (Magic, Clowns, Tale telling ..)


olylmpics , parade in town

night time :

firespinning shows ( Troupe shows expected: Manda Lights (Imakokode+Forka), ArtInMotion (Rastaxel, Pistache & co ), Val, Pando and many more surprises )

Gigs / DJ sets / dancefloor (Dnb, Reagge, Trance, ska )

All-nite-long free-parafin fire area

A preliminary detailed schedule is already available on the website, but its still in French so far (check out programme section ). English version expected soon

Accomodation / lift: FestiFlam will take carefull attention to all the foreign spinners that will come to spin with us. So accomodation/lift will be provided for the one that want to stay before/after the festival (Montpellier is a nice town, so is the mediteranean seaside)

During the festival well be able to camp on the site

If anyone want to volunteer / teach workshops get in touch with Festiflam via

Last year videos:

ohh and yes ... as it's the south of france, we DO garanty the SUN will be there (bring your thai pants, sunglasses & sun cream)

peace ubbrollsmile


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Posted:had an amazing weekend thank you all.. big thanks go to the festiflam crew for all their help, hospitality and smiles!


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Posted:It was so nice to see you and everyone else at faya. I had a really good time and the video is perhaps not so exciting for people that werent there and there is hardly no spinning but you can definittly se that we had a great time biggrin

Next up, EJC :P

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Posted:A huge thank you to Nico and all the Festiflam crew for such an amazing festival and a lovely week in the south of France! You're hospitalioty and loveliness was really touching grouphug

To Thomas, G and Cyrille ye are all legends, thanks so much for the inspirations and the beautiful company.

Huge hugs to all I met and looking forward to the next time!



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Posted:wow that looked pretty fun! smile

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Posted:faya festival is finished....

just a few words to say thank you to all the people who came,
thank you all for your conviviality and your energy!!!!
it made this festival incredible!!!! wow

I hope to see all of you again, someday, somewhere!!!

it was really a fantastic festival to me,
thanks to all of you!!!!!!!! grouphug

juliet - festiflam and faya festival crew!!!!

-here the link to the page where we will put all the video about faya we will find!:


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