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Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by courtnee
Views: 1631    Replies: 10
"This is my favorite trick at the moment it really is wicked.As you know the fountain can be done on two sides one turning to the right and another to the left. Spin the poi forwards the..."
Posted: by lusid
Last Reply: by lusid
Views: 1247    Replies: 9
"I'm sure this move is on the site somewhere but I just can't find it so I'll ask here. I've seen quite a few people doing it so it must be well know and it seems simple but I'm not tha..."
Posted: by FeniXTranz
Last Reply: by courtnee
Views: 979    Replies: 5
"can anyone help me out i cant figure out how to do a windmill last time i tried it i hit my slef which kinda hurt a bit lol any one have hints about doing windmills is it better to use ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 2985    Replies: 20
"If you (like me) have put in the mind bending and calf brusing hours required to be competent at turning from backwards to forwards weave behind the back you have probably thought of th..."
Posted: by firestarter
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
Views: 1139    Replies: 3
"question: i am checking out the animated gifs on this site (they rock by the way!) and i am curious what the difference is between the horizontal mexican wave and the corkscrew. they RE..."
Posted: by Ade
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 1218    Replies: 8
"Mucking around late Friday night, I discovered I could thread the needle (forwards) in split time I can't see any mention in the archives of this, but someone out there must have expe..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1346    Replies: 12
"Doing a reverse butterfly, i splitimed it and moved my hands upward making theBF spin horizontally. But the Bf is not flat. It is creating an atom shape around me. My hands are bout chi..."
Posted: by phunky
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 1105    Replies: 1
"Got it last night Add a spin in the middle and it seems like it stays forever above your head.Ready to take on 6-beat windmill. Should be painfully fun ------------------&lbr;&rbr;Dh..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 1136    Replies: 3
"when i first found this site a few months ago i saw the 5 beat weave for the first time. i picked it up the next day, but the reverse was giving me a lot of trouble so i stopped trying..."
Posted: by klubkidnyc
Last Reply: by klubkidnyc
Views: 947    Replies: 3
"hi everyone!!i kinda need some help....i can't seem to figure how to do 4 beat windmills....where do i put those extra beats???i'm kinda gettin a little frustrated and the black eye i j..."
Posted: by Neeko
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 1199    Replies: 5
"Hello everyone! This is my first post, so I hope it's not too stupid of a question. Is it possible do go from a one-handed butterfly to a one-handed overhead or btb butterfly? It is ..."
Posted: by lovelight
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1075    Replies: 1
"so on this sight its called the low weave. it is from experience doing and watching the move that i vote for a renaming of the move to the funky monkey. the lower the bend the funkier..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
Views: 1785    Replies: 18
"Couldn't find anything very helpful on this... I can probably do it, i just don't know what it is, heh... I can do a lower fountain no probs.Any info?Something with a windmill and a low..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by NightShade1
Views: 1208    Replies: 9
"I can't seem to find any moves that blend into this except chasing the sun (the corkscrew basically IS chasing the sun, really) and, a bit messy, the reverse weave...You need both poi m..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 802    Replies: 2
"Hi yall, this is my first post and I am rather new to this, but heres my question: It took me a couple days to get down the three beat weave and I finally got it! in my exictement I dec..."
Posted: by HaZZa
Last Reply: by Dm
Views: 1115    Replies: 8
"Heya ppl,I'm having a (really) hard time doing a butterfly in equal timing.Split time is going good, but my socks (LOL) keep bouncin into eachother no matter what i try. I followed inst..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Reddevil
Views: 1721    Replies: 2
"I learnt this at a wicked free party at St Alfreds Tower, New Forest from the guy who did the spinning scenes in the film the beach.Start with reverse butterfly. As you know from here y..."
Posted: by FireDragon
Last Reply: by Cassandra
Views: 3871    Replies: 8
"well i just saw yesterday a pretty interesting move for two people and thought i'de share it.imagine two people - each holding one poi in opposite hands and facing each other. then they..."
Posted: by Kosmik Lunatik
Last Reply: by Blackbird
Views: 1175    Replies: 3
"hey guys what up. I was wondering what the difference is between the corkscrew and the horizontal mexican wave. Thanx muchMatty"
Posted: by breakinliquid
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 982    Replies: 1
"does anyone know any good glow stick dane moves? i wanna learn some new moves so i can add it to my variety of moves casue u cant always get the space for breaking and liquid dancing.. ..."
Posted: by ZeroBob
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 973    Replies: 5
"okay guys, if you care to share like the Care Bear Stare please give me a few tips on how to do the between the leg butterfly!!! I will wuv oo foreva!also what is the 5 beat btb? can y..."
Posted: by Backpacker2k
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 1198    Replies: 2
"I've just read you're 5 beat weave accomplishment you posted a few days ago....congrats!Anyway, the video for the 5 beat on the site is really hard to make out and I come from a place i..."
Posted: by courtnee
Last Reply: by spin
Views: 1750    Replies: 13
"i am so frustrated! i started spinning about a month and a half ago, practicing off and on.. i've gotten the butterfly (forward and backward swing) and the begining variations (forward ..."
Posted: by Jeff Duncan
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1541    Replies: 7
"ok this was the first move i created (knowing only like 5 moves) so it is very easy but alot of people say it looks very cool. my friends and i call it the "dark monkey" (because i came..."
Posted: by [({PoiToi})]
Views: 911    Replies: 0
"some people have surely discovered this but here goes anyway. start by doing a backward swing, and when the poi are at the bottom, turn around 180 really fast. by then the poi should b..."
Posted: by Blackbird
Last Reply: by phunky
Views: 987    Replies: 1
"right, you know the alternating butterfly which everyone can go the moment they pick up the poi, just like alternating left and right crossing circles? well, for some reason it's not ve..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by Reddevil
Views: 1694    Replies: 6
"Ever have problems finding ways to get into the butterfly smoothly? Here`s my way.....Do the bkw weave, and turn as if you are turning into the fwd weave. When you start to turn, open u..."
Posted: by sandman
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1142    Replies: 4
"There's a pattern I enjoy doing which I just realised from reading another thread is called a 'lower fountain'. That is where you do a weave 'side-on' on, say, your left and alternate i..."
Posted: by SinCi7y
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1926    Replies: 14
"there is a whole new world of triks out there that i havent seen once on this site... they are the wrap arounds.. they give off a dope reverse effecr and wirl pool action... there WAY t..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by clarkey
Views: 953    Replies: 3
"Well i can do pretty good the one that is showed in this page... but iwas wondering if do a botterfly in front of me and then i do like a overhead butterfly but i stay it on the back......"
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 1374    Replies: 7
"ok..to date the 5 beat weave has evaded me as well.last night i was messing with tuck turns again. I was crisscrossing in same-time but tucking under my arm pit on each side. (not turni..."
Posted: by xLessThanJakex
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 2052    Replies: 19
"Hey, can anyone tell me what moves look good together and flow together. I am having great difficulty trying to work thins bit out. Any moves you know would be great.How long did it tak..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 738    Replies: 1
"im getting problems doing this one... jeez!everytime im try my pois hit my legs but in the back side of my body dunno if i explained well what i mean ;( the back side of the leg you kno..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by NightShade1
Views: 1208    Replies: 2
"a good combo with the horizontal mexican weave? i havent saw a video clip or nothing of someone doing combos with it ;("
Posted: by Lenny
Last Reply: by Knagi
Views: 1011    Replies: 1
"hello everybodyi'm here to tell you about an amazing new sport I invented with my friend hefty jeff last time we were down in queenstown.it's really just a night time version of swingba..."
Posted: by NightShade1
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 1367    Replies: 6
"well okay im confused about this move i saw the gif animation of this site and i see it as dunno a corkcrew but with opposite directions... you know the corkcrew goes <--- <--..."
Posted: by king
Last Reply: by king
Views: 1888    Replies: 8
"Alright people, my fellow Poists, begginers, amatures, and profesionals, what we have here is a move that can be done, but takes a lot of OOOOuuuuuuch!!! and pain, but then again what m..."
Posted: by 'trope
Views: 999    Replies: 0
"okay...i mentioned this in another post but it's driving me nuts as two days later i still haven't figured it out.it goes something like this. to get an idea of the move, do the chasin..."
Posted: by shizN0T
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 945    Replies: 2
"I am not sure the point in TTN...am I doing it wrong? do the circles do anything different from doing the butterfly? is it just to make different hand movments?"
Posted: by Larry Laffer
Last Reply: by Larry Laffer
Views: 1018    Replies: 3
"Hello to everyone!I'd firstly like to take this opportunity to greet everyone in the forums, as well as congratulate the webmaster for his great job. keep it all up.As noticed, I'm a ne..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by 'trope
Views: 1532    Replies: 11
"Right, not sure if this is a new move but i can't find any description of it, obviously this is harder if it doesn't have a name. When i first started learning poi i was trying the wea..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by NYC_not_PK
Views: 1879    Replies: 11
"This isnt a new move or anything, and even at that its very simple. I was playing around last night with tuck turns. I was having a blast doing them without turning. (is that called a ..."
Posted: by Chotys
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1173    Replies: 4
"Ok, last night while twirling i decided to try something that i have seen a few people do on video clips. I soaked my staff wicks and instead of letting them drain went straight outside..."
Posted: by king
Last Reply: by Myst
Views: 3521    Replies: 26
"This move involves starting off with the reverse buterfly whilst facing forward. Instead of threading one hand forward after the other, try threading back one hand after the other. Ever..."
Posted: by pozee
Last Reply: by pozee
Views: 1742    Replies: 12
"okay i know theres a whole dabate on wraps, i just wanted to see how many wraps the more experienced fire dancers like to do? a couple a whole lot. i know it is all preference, just w..."
Posted: by space cadet
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 1726    Replies: 3
"Okay, sorry to ask newbie questions, but:I have the reverse weave down pretty well, but when I bring my right hand back over to my right side, it seems like I have to move my arm a lot*..."
Posted: by king
Last Reply: by king
Views: 1238    Replies: 2
"You know when you have a dream about poi, for most of us that would be more often than we think. Regardless, it is an enticing buzz when you articulate a move from a dream that one thou..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1706    Replies: 6
"i've just cracked the one handed double poi corckscrew and i was just wondering if any one else out there was doing much one handed stuff and what the posibilities are. i'm trying other..."
Posted: by Knagi
Views: 641    Replies: 0
"Thought I'd drop this one on you guys it's a real easy butterfly vartion to keep going with and I haven't had my problems with it. Simply do a butterfly then at the same time put your l..."
Posted: by flaming_mad
Last Reply: by adamrice
Views: 919    Replies: 4
"I just learned the BTB weave! It seems easy now that I have it down. I've been twirling for about 4 months and can't wait to see how much my skills will improve in another 4!"
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