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Posted:There's a pattern I enjoy doing which I just realised from reading another thread is called a 'lower fountain'. That is where you do a weave 'side-on' on, say, your left and alternate it with a reverse weave on your right, without turning or moving your feet. Got it? So basically it creates 3 big circles, one in front of you and one to each side and behind, all facing forwards.Having discovered there is a name for this pattern, I was wondering if there is a name for another pattern I like doing which is basically an extension of the lower fountain idea. This is where you do a 4-point weave - say a forward weave in front becoming a reverse weave behind you on each side creating 4 circles surrounding you in a diamond formation (still without moving your feet mind!). You need to twist a bit, or just raise your arms so that the rear circles are higher up (this is smoother and looks better IMHO).Does that sound familiar to anyone?I have, out of sheer curiosity, extended this idea to a 5-point weave. But at that point it starts to look more like a contortionist act!

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Posted:I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that these 4-point and 5-point weaves that you are talking about don't have names for them. The only reason why the 3-point weave has a name is because it is part of a larger move (the full fountain) that is very common for club swingers/poi swingers. It's funny, because a lot of the terminology for club swinging vs poi swinging is completely different. I think this one (the term fountain) actually came from club swinging. That's my hunch.There is another 4-point weave that someone mentioned in some other thread a while back. It goes right, front, left, overhead, left, front, right, front, etc...


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Posted:Sandman:The "Lower Fountain" has also been referred to by others on this board as "around the world". There are all kinds of combos you can do by moving more weaves around your body; with integration of 5-beat weave you can change directions in interesting ways as the circles move around you. Try that out too!-protie



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Posted:A fountain? really?This is a move I do all the time, with two three four and five beat weaves... it's probably among my favorite moves. I have heard it called "the roll" and the "weave-chase"It's fun alternating between the different types of weaves... I'm not sure how good it looks; great for building up amazing speeds though. Anyway, toss in a couple of reverse weaves by turning round and you have a whole routine already, heh...Just wait till I get the bloody btb weave...------------------"O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention." - William ShakespeareCheck out my Online Gallery! Å Ĉ К я

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Posted:This is the most wonderful move I think there is. It's my stand-by move when I can't think of what to do next. I also did something sweet with it no clue how, but I'll try to explaine it. When I was jamming to the music and just tryin to find a flow. I started picking it apart. one arm would break the move into something else say like behind the back. while the other arm continued into a revese weave. Then I'd blend them back together. I was starting to pick it apart on both arms. By the end of the night I had both arms doing differnt moves, can't fully remember what all the veriations are that I came up with, but there's alot of fun stuff you can do with this.------------------We are all in the cosmic movie. That means the day you die you watch your whole life repeating for eternity. So you'd better have some good things happen in there and have a fitting climax. --Jim MorrisonMost Memerable crowd saying "Hey look that dude's gonna set himself on fire again!"

We are all in the cosmic movie. That means the day you die you watch your whole life repeating for eternity. So you'd better have some good things happen in there and have a fitting climax. --Jim MorrisonIt's going to come from a direction you didn't predict at a moment of chaos which you didn't see coming. -- NYC