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Posted:Ok, last night while twirling i decided to try something that i have seen a few people do on video clips. I soaked my staff wicks and instead of letting them drain went straight outside, lit them up and put it between my wrist and plam and spun the stick horizontally towards me. The result was two HUGE fireballs leaped off each wick and made a really good first impression on my mates who were watching. What i want to know is, for other people who have tried this is, when you are perfoming to a crowd, do you start off by doing the big fire balls to get everyone's attention or do you only do it after a while so everyone thinks it is like a 'finale'? It is almost as impressive as a the human volcane (and alot safer i think) so what does everyone think? At the start of my show should i do something like that to get everyone's attention or save it for later? Bye for now!:Chotys:

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Posted:Oh yeah the burnoff thing. I always do that. It's the best part!and it doesnt really work if you do it later in the act... you'd need to re-soak... I guess you could. It's not a very good finale really though...if you get it right, you can throw it really high and spin it over as well as around and get big twirly fireballs, which is fun...

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Posted:yep it is a lot of fun and looks great. just do it as an opening trick. by the way what is this human volcane that you talk of.



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Posted:I love this move (I call it a move because it is to easy to be a trick unless somthing is added e.g a spin)I first tried it about 2 weeks ago, it is the ultimate crowd drawer.Im working on getting this into a 1/2 spin catch behind my back to start spinning may need a little (LOT) of pratice.***pete,the human volcano Choyts is refering to is a trick used by those crazy eyebrowless fire breathers
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Posted:***pete...human volcano...see the thread titled "Pele's Amazing Jet of Fire" in the Techinical section. That would be me fire breathing.Yes, Chotys, the staff spin is much more safe than any fire breathing but i agree this would be hard to pull off later unless you switched for a freshly soaked staff at the end of your show. Personally I think it is much more effective as an attention grabber than anything.Is the effect the same with a spin? I hadn't tried it. Doesn't that fling flaming fuel about where as the straight up and dow doesn't?Thanks------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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