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Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Axis
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"Actually I didn't but since Nomad thought it was on purpose, he named it and everything...what did you call it Nomad? and intentional or not this worked, so...ladies for an interesting ..."
Posted: by wanderinglinton
Last Reply: by pj
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"Since I am relatively new to the fire spinning game, and learned it on the beaches of Thailand where no-one knows any of the names which appear to be in vogue, I was wondering if this p..."
Posted: by knas
Last Reply: by pj
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"I've found that if U spin the staff on your right side. Switch and take it in just your right hand, and throw it so it makes a single backflip. Then twist you hand forward as far as you..."
Posted: by bhawk
Last Reply: by protozoa
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"Hey,I just started poi and Im having some trouble doing the weave. Ive read the instructions on this page a hundred times, but i still cant get it. Any advice on getting this down??BTW,..."
Posted: by Lil kING
Last Reply: by Lil kING
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"Wussup everyone. ive been reading everyones threads for like a week now and i finally decided to register to join in on all the fun. now lets get down to business...ive been practicin..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Tonight I figured that not only is it a good idea to stop spinning one poi to reverse the direction, but this simple idea has let me create more new moves than I could possibly explain!..."
Posted: by Tiki
Last Reply: by Tiki
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"Dunno if it's even worth posting, but I haven't seen it before. Using your wrists you can go back and forth between forward and reverse spins using the butterfly. While doing a butter..."
Posted: by Pele
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"Hmmm...how to describe this????Ever see the video for Janet Jackson's Rythm Nation? It's in there..sort of. In dance it is called a windmill move. One arm extends over your head followe..."
Posted: by pureenergy
Last Reply: by Drake
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"Alright it's kinda hard to count beats by myself, but i think it's up there around nine..and it's not really a new more than it is a combination of some types of moves. Start of doing s..."
Posted: by Lamar
Last Reply: by Shibaki the Jewishmamacho
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"I just recently starting spinning and have since gotten totally addicted to it. I've managed to pick up all the basics and I now use the weave as my 'base' move. Cool thing is that I ..."
Posted: by Tiki
Last Reply: by emptyset
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"Playing around earlier tonight I was doing crosses and did something that feels/looks neat, but I dunno if it has a name, or even really deserves one. Also what is a double cross-over?..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"i'm having trouble with this move. i don't understand how you can do this by swinging backwards. can someone explain a little more clearly than how it is in the lesson guide?"
Posted: by xes
Last Reply: by N8
Views: 1730    Replies: 15
"what will u do?"
Posted: by Myst
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"What up all, I'm Eric. I think our minds were built and are maintained by our love for poi. I say this because, and stop me if this hasn't happened to you, every time I learn a new mo..."
Posted: by Mr Sock
Last Reply: by Mr Sock
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"I don't really know what propted me to do this, but i got ahold of a large (like 7 ft) pretty heavy chain, weighted the ends and started spinning it. Its kinda fun, really adds variety..."
Posted: by N8
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 753    Replies: 1
"So the Martian and I were just twirling and she finally figured out the 5-beat weave, she ran over to the comp where I was typing and damn near tackled me, screaming something to the ef..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by touch
Views: 777    Replies: 1
"So far I have seen a few different styles of equal in skill, just one uses all 5 beat weaves and the other uses 3 beats. I myself just started consistanty using 5 beats for everything, ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
Views: 1212    Replies: 7
"recently i was on fire and feeling cocky i decided to try a new move.... the result was a rather lucky escape as the staff almost hit me in the eye, but put a reasnable gash in my eyebr..."
Posted: by alterego
Views: 1075    Replies: 0
"Forward split time butterfly, cross your wrists so your doing a reverse split time butterfly.Love always,Spanky"
Posted: by Backpacker2k
Last Reply: by pj
Views: 1357    Replies: 5
"Easier to pull off than with a local Burnley clampit.....but with more wit and humour.O.K1. forward swing as if you're going to do the low turn2. On the downswing, spread ya legs apart ..."
Posted: by Plazma
Last Reply: by Plazma
Views: 964    Replies: 3
"i just wanted to let you all know that i just nailed the koolest move last night!!! you know how in the lessons part of this web page there's the one part where people (us) write in to ..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by bobrob
Views: 1761    Replies: 16
"Alright, so this one sounds like it is going to be interesting to learn. Forward thread the needle, no problem, almost boring...I cant quite visualize the reverse... do you push from un..."
Posted: by Endangered Sanity
Views: 1526    Replies: 0
"This one isnt that spectacular, but i thought i would tell you all about it anyway.To do an upside down windmill, use short strings, then do a corkscew in front of your body. Then, star..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by bobrob
Views: 2124    Replies: 13
"Hey everyone!I'm trying to clear my mind so I can do some work...anyhow - I'm wondering if you guys can tell me how you develop new transitions between moves? I'm pretty comfortable wit..."
Posted: by SsJ KaKaRoTtO
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 3865    Replies: 33
"what up, ya'lli want 2 know: what is ur newest move??? the one that u just learned.The TRUE Super Saiyajin,SsJ KaKaRoTtO"
Posted: by Mr Sock
Last Reply: by Plazma
Views: 1385    Replies: 6
"Hey, what move makes trailers like around "home" in the home of poi logo? I've seen it done before, and seen pics of it, and i might able to do it, but since i can't see myself i'm not..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 903    Replies: 2
"Hey Supes, I heard you mention this one in another thread not too long ago. I need some help breaking this one down. So youre doing the horizontal Mexican Wave, I got that. The poi are ..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Mr Sock
Views: 736    Replies: 2
"Alright, funny all the talk on the butterflies has been going on. Ive been experimenting and coming up with some tight stuff.Alright, start of by a forward butterfly right?Next do split..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by ShawnF
Views: 953    Replies: 5
"does anyone out there do single poi? I do but I must use a lot of wraps and fancy moves to make it look good."
Posted: by ShawnF
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 1248    Replies: 5
"In the topic about style, someone mentioned stalls a few times. I tried doing a search of the boards but couldn't find more info. I may already know what these are under another name, b..."
Posted: by pillpiece
Last Reply: by Le Skunk
Views: 1020    Replies: 1
"I was trying to incorporate my legs into my swinging, and i came up with a turn. I'm a lefty so it might be easier for others to try with their right hand/leg, but it's like this: start..."
Posted: by Nic
Last Reply: by FireSpirit
Views: 1960    Replies: 14
"I've found a nice combo using some stuff behind the back, start with a normal weave, then pull it up into one beat of a windmill, then as you bring it back down, do a 180 degree turn an..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 1653    Replies: 12
"forward butterfly..bring it up over your head into a horizontal butterfly (still in standard time) then drop it into a horizontal mexican wave..pretty simple..i have never tried tocombo..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 976    Replies: 3
"these last few days or so, we have been really intrerchanging some great information. I have learned three new combonations in a week with all this brainstorming going on...lets keep it..."
Posted: by FeniXTranz
Last Reply: by OE40luvr
Views: 1613    Replies: 9
"okay ive been using showlaces and glowsticks for a while now the round kinds. i saw a video the other day and he was using some sorta thin string which looked alot easier to swing and ..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Mr Sock
Views: 1102    Replies: 5
"i absoutily LOVE the weave it is sooo easy and is my base move. and recently i was playing around and came up with the idea of a 'box weave'. basicilaay i cannot do it yet but... hopefu..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
Views: 1059    Replies: 5
"Sup peoples!Dont try this one, it hurts. I finally managed to get the BTB weave, at the expense of my eyes and forehead .I began on my left, and when I swung over to my right, BLAM! po..."
Posted: by adamrice
Last Reply: by s-p-l-a-t
Views: 1732    Replies: 6
"Okay, it's not hard to go from a regular butterfly to a fwd weave, so I reasoned it should be possible to go from a btb butterfly to a btb fwd weave.It is.Start doing a standard inward ..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 1191    Replies: 10
"Check it..pretty basic, but im listing it with hopes to ignite something in some of you new comers to POI. i know when i started i didnt even know how to be creative. I formed my new mo..."
Posted: by hafsha1
Last Reply: by hafsha1
Views: 1180    Replies: 3
"Is there a video in which a wrap is being done? I wanna learn one but have never seen it and think that would help. Anyone? What exactly is being done? Thanks."
Posted: by Mr Sock
Views: 929    Replies: 0
"YAY! I've been doing btb weaves for a while, but i pulled one off with fire for the first time last night. I'm all excited and whatnot, just thought i'd share. Now on to backwards bt..."
Posted: by Bear
Last Reply: by Pele
Views: 1839    Replies: 13
"Hey everybody, I just learned about this site and am really psyched about it. I wish I'd known it existed earlier... So I lent my poi to this random martial arts dude for a few minutes..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by frodus
Views: 1573    Replies: 11
"All this talk about neck wraps and arm wraps has got me trying them lately and i finally have a small series of them down...pretty basic, but i am excited so bear with me..Forward butte..."
Posted: by pureenergy
Last Reply: by FireSpirit
Views: 1150    Replies: 2
"Alright not sure if anyone else does this, but i was twirling the other day and found an interesting wrap..weave wrap. okay if you're doing a 3 beat weave, when your left hand is doing ..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 2118    Replies: 7
"I was just pondering...I havent pushed myself far enough to learn the 4/5 beat weave, and am currently making poi that are shorter so i can try the trip/quad corkscrew. I was thinking t..."
Posted: by Axis
Last Reply: by Anonymous
Views: 1265    Replies: 3
"Man i love all the info on this site, its wicked!I was wondering if any of you could compile your five top tips for performing and/or practicing.Check out mine under new moves, 'its not..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Shibaki the Jewishmamacho
Views: 1164    Replies: 5
"I am so struggling. Looking at the video on the windmill I dont have any idea how it is possible. It looks like in so many places that the strings would cross over and tangle. I read th..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by protozoa
Views: 930    Replies: 3
"i posted this in another thread, but i want everyones feedback on it....immediately after doing it , i dubbed it "dead man's wave"..because of thRevBF...low wave right Poi behind back a..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 888    Replies: 3
"I love doing glowsticks, and i have put all effort i could to learn all of the moves i found on this website. Well, i learned like 90% of these. However, when i look at the video's from..."
Posted: by Superman
Last Reply: by Superman
Views: 1288    Replies: 4
"i did this last night at a club..The best way i can think to explain what this looks like is...1/2 of a forward giant butterfly in split time...sort of.while swinging forward in split t..."
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