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Posted: im getting problems doing this one... jeez!everytime im try my pois hit my legs but in the back side of my body dunno if i explained well what i mean ;( the back side of the leg you know ;o arrggg damn english ;(if ya understood or got any tip for this move help me?

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Posted:A little advice about not getting yelled at by moderators would be to use the search button under the "post" button, Search BTB Weaves and you may find your answer or atleast an open thread to post it on. to answer your question, Try lifting the leg you keep hitting. That's how I learned and after a while I just didn't need to lift my leg anymore. as a matter of fact, I can do it as long as my arms can hold up. It'll all come with practice, and soon you'll be spinning circles with your BTBW's. Eric

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