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Posted:I've just read you're 5 beat weave accomplishment you posted a few days ago....congrats!Anyway, the video for the 5 beat on the site is really hard to make out and I come from a place in England where the locals think "Poi" is either a new drug, tellytubby or some sex slang reference, hence "I do the Poi" me from 3 months of trying to do the 5 beat by simplyfying how you did it....sorry to be a pain in the arse but I can't stand any more tangles.Thanks.....Dan

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Posted:I'm no Superman...but!
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I tried to do a five beat weave for a long time and couldent get it because I never learned a reverse weave. After that it was about five minutes till I got it.Do a forward weave and as you finish the fourth beat on your left side try to do a transition to a reverse weave. It might take a few tries but if you can do both it should be really easy.Love always,Spanky


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Posted:Hey Backpacker!im going to email to you directly, and try to help you the best i"S"

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