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Posted:I am not sure the point in I doing it wrong? do the circles do anything different from doing the butterfly? is it just to make different hand movments?

I smell something burning.

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Posted:Well, the TTN gives that extra body motion. I've noticed when i exagerate motions for moves it gets a better response from the crowd. Also, a similar question would be why do a 5-beat when it looks exactly the same as a regular weave? It's more technical and every move counts in the long run when you can put everything together.



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Posted:I like twirlers that go that extra mile to learn a new veriation on old tricks. Also when I see someone spinning doing a thread the needle or a 5 beat weave or a 4 beat windmill, it brings a tear to my eye. It may not be cool to an onlooker that doesn't spin but to a fellow twirler, they appreciate and understand what you are doing. I personally like spinning with other spinners cause even if something doesn't look all that great they can appreciate how hard it is to do. I love my peers! Eric

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.