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Posted: Hey, one move i noticed that was missing was a leg wrap. I dont usually use poi's or anything...i'm more of a glowstick kinda guy...its basically the same, but u guys have more balls than i do. But the move is just basically a forward or backward swing and while in the downswing, u wrap the glowsticks around ur leg and let them kind of "bounce" and rotate the other way and pull them out from under your legs.I also have trouble unwrapping my hands when i do the triple corkscrew or windmill. the video on this thing is a little unclear. i've gotten it like once or twice...but when i try the windmill, i hit myself in the time i hit myself in the corner of my eye and it required stitches. but if anyone can help out, let me know.

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Posted:I'm not sure if I can help you too much w/ the triple/quad corkscrew/windmill since it isn't something that is easy to describe, but I'll try. If you can do a 5 beat weave then you just have to keep in mind that the 3/4 beat corkscrew requires the same 'tucking' of one hand underneath the other for extra rotations. Okay, so lets say you are leading with your left. So the left hand is going to move above your head first, followed by the right, and then the left hand is going to move in front of your body, followed by your right. That is your standard 2 beat. So for 3, come up above your head with your left head (w/ the right just behind it) and instead of letting the left drop back down in front of you, lock your arm above your head but continue the motion of your right arm as though you are going to move it in front of your body. What should happen is your right hand should wrap itself around your left (which is frozen above your head). This is where the 'tuck' comes in. When the right fully wraps itself around the left you want to force an extra rotation out of the string such that half of the circle basically traces down the outside of your left hand (forearm). Once this spin occurs then let your left hand move down towards the front of your body, following it with the right hand (just like a 2 beat). The 4 beat simply involves doing the same 'tucking' but in front of your body instead of above your head and done opposite -- as in the right arm locks and the left tucks (depending on which is leading).Hope I didn't just confuse you more. Goodluck with it! BTW - You can do a leg wrap w/ both Poi spinning parallel in-time paths and when you pull it off of your leg drop directly into a windmill. Lots of fun and it is a surprisingly smooth transition!
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Posted:When I do a corkscrew, my hands are quite close together and the Poi move quite fast. There is only one other guy I know who naturally does it fater. It looks fairly different to the animation in Poi Lessons considering it's the same move.Two variations I have come up with involve wraps to reverse the direction of the corkscrew.The first and easiest is to get both Poi heads to hit the back of your thigh or arse at the same time. The second and slightly trickier is get each Poi head to wrap each of your legs.The trick to making it work is to slow down the Poi a little as they come from above to below. the must hit around the same time, then you must reverse the order in which they go back up! The first to come around and wrap must go back up second. I naturally corkscrew (no comments!) anticlockwise leading with my right Poi. When I wrap, the right Poi comes down from above and wraps my right leg. the left Poi comes down and wraps my left leg then leads the right Poi going up over my head, travelling clockwise now. You can combine wraps for both directions of travel, reversing as many times as you want.Hope this doesn't confuse you all too much
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Posted:Wraps are definitely in most firedancers' toolkits. They're not documented in the "poi lessons" section, but they're out there.If you've managed the quad windmill once or twice, you're on the right track. You might replace whatever your using for a Poi head (btw, glowsticks are just one kind of poi--as far as I'm concerned, you are doing poi) with something softer and fluffier. Like, say, beanie babies. The added weight will allow you to slow down and make the move easier, btw. But I feel your pain--I damn near broke my nose trying to learn the move. Oww.The wrist action is a little tricky. I feel like I'm sort of assisting the unwinding action rather than driving it. The better I get with it, the more I keep my wrists together. Also, fwiw, I can only do the quad windmill smoothly in one direction. In the other, after a couple of iterations, my timing gets so far off that I can't sustain it.

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Posted:hey crashman. wraps are definately, as adam pointed out, very much a part of Poi. if you want to learn some insane wraps that have already been posted here, look for the search button. it is really small, maybe someone can tell them where it is, i always forget. anyway, i know that i have posted and enormous number of wraps somewhere. everything from neck wraps to behind the head one hand butterfly arm wraps. if you cant find it all feel free to e-mail me.

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