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  Posted: OK, Everyone's got an achillies heal move and believe it or not I feel very uncomfortable in a Rev Butterfly. I can do it. But not with the ease and flexibility of a forward butterfly.In a forward butterfly I've got nice circles which always cross paths at just the right spot and never tangle. I keep my right hand slightly above and in front of my left. I can get into them and out of them and even recover easily when entering them awkwardly.I've got some fluidity in most of my moves but whenever I hit a rev butterfly I feel like a penguin trying to fly...Any tips? Palm up/down? Top hand in front/behind? Anything would help. I have NO established form for it yet and would love to get it.Thanks!

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  Posted:Just keep practicing =).....but i've noticed that i got a problem with the BTB rev butterfly( I don't know what you call it, rev or fwd... since i start in reverse swing and put it btb....) they doesn't swing in a good position and it always hit mah ass or head.... i think it it is my string position... dunno...------------------[- y.a.s.h.i.r.o. -]



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  Posted:ya, i had the same problem too. The thing about messing up on a rev butterfly are if you mess up the Poi go flying into your face. Keep practicing until your rev butterfly is as good as your forward. And don't forget to learn how to do the butterfly with either hand leading.------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====


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  Posted:Phunky's right - try to learn the butterfly with either hand on top - not as easy as it sounds.ade


  Posted:one thing I've found is that I'm always discovering stuff that I can do better on one side or in a certain direction...for example, my 4 beat corkscrew flows really nicely in the counter clockwise direction, but in clockwise? its less than perfect. Same with windmill.I also tend to cross the same Poi everytime when going into BTB weave...gotta learn to balance it all out. All the more reason to create a routine - you can make sure you practice both sides equally, while retaining the transitional learning you get from Jamming.Josh


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  Posted:okay, i dont know if this will help, but maybe it will give you a new way to look at it.first, try everexaggerating your arm movements, that always helped me to get more comfortable with something.when you do the regular butterfly, my wrists tend to turn a bit so that on the downswing my palms are angled a bit toward the ground.when i do the rev. butterfly my palms are angled up towards the sky, on the upswing.hey, just try it a million different ways untill you find what is comfy for you.good luck...

anyone got a light?


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