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G and I are sending wishes from Bali. Keep your spirits strong!

Mel, I'm amazed. I'm posting this on playpoi. Do you have a website or something I can link to? If so, send me a PM. I hope I can come visit you guys eventually. I'm now officially a &q...

Can't have been an easy decision for the judges. Congratulations to Durbs and Meg, thanks to the judges, and there are definitely a few entries that could easily have been on the podium...

Lessons uploaded

Library > POI > Isolations > Theory Behind Isolations

Theory Behind Isolations  Uploaded 29 Nov, 2007
Library > POI > Crossers > The Theory Behind Crossers

The Theory Behind Crossers  Uploaded 29 Nov, 2007
Library > POI > Wraps > Spiral Wraps Theory

Spiral Wraps Theory  Uploaded 29 Nov, 2007
Library > POI > Flowers > Flowers, Petals, Rhythm, and Beats

Flowers, Petals, Rhythm, and Beats  Uploaded 29 Nov, 2007
Library > POI > Under The Legs > Under the Legs Theory

Under the Legs Theory  Uploaded 24 Sep, 2007
Library > POI > Flowers > Flower Theory

Poi Theory  Uploaded 24 Sep, 2007
Library > POI > Wraps > Orbitals

SuperDuperUberLoops (AKA Orbitals)  Uploaded 24 Sep, 2007

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