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  Posted: um... i can kinda do a one handed corkscrew, and kinda do a simple weave, i think (hey, leeave me alone, i only had these things for a week), but i cant keep the chains at 180 degrees to each other, they always end up at about 45 apart....any suggestions on keeping them further apart... i think it may have something to do with moving slower, but i dont really know...

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  Posted:It's all in the wrist and how you angle your fingers/hand. Just keep practing, remember, that you are leading with one finger, and the other needs to be trailing it 180o back...CRD




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  Posted:you'll get it! as Crazy said just keep practicing. The more you do it the easier the flow will be, the easier your flow is the better your moves will look.

later - Smilee


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