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Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Geoff_Roseborough
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"I think this move need a thread for nice found. Here we go.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(mirror)Name: Cat EyeOrigin: Ar..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Richee
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"Quote:Tech:The Sweep (wheel plane) &lbr; outside | inside | inside | outside&rbr;-----------------------------------------------------------Sweep, uses the whole de plane in two frames,..."
Posted: by pineapple pete
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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"hi everybody.a little while ago now, rob bluecat showed me a little thing called line isolation. although i was already well aware of this sort of concept with staff, i'd never really c..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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" Cap'sQuote:Half circle - hands opposite poi opposite---------------------------------- For CyrilleQuote:Timing sorta thing.MercedesQuote:Kind of variation of the previos-..."
Posted: by dreadpoi
Last Reply: by russtafari
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"So I'm watching tutorials on the atomic weave, and Nick woosley says its a weave doing opposites, and then that other guy Nick Cann I believe says you need to know how to do the corkscr..."
Posted: by This_Energy
Last Reply: by BansheeCat
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"omg i cant believe it i did 8 poi at once today!!! i was doing a butterfly in each hand, my mouth, and to in one foot(i was doing butterflys with all the sets. omg i will try to do it..."
Posted: by recklessme
Last Reply: by Mr_Chutney
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"ive on various boards seen people mentioning the 5 beat butterweave but ive never actually seen it demonstrated. i am now purplexed as i know the 3 bt butterweave and cant comprehend ho..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
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"just got thinking after a post of Sui's over on tribe... why do i do so many different things? and what benefits do i get from it, and what negative aspects are there...background info:..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by Richee
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"This is brand new point of picture 'hard coded' theory aka 4D spinning.-----------------------------------------------------############## SPLIT HORIZON ##############CROSS-OVER VIEWCod..."
Posted: by peteyb
Last Reply: by peteyb
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"Dear All-As a spotty scientist type I built this little spreadsheet to help me better understand flowers. Now that it's done I figured it'd be a shame not to share it! Suggestions for i..."
Posted: by 16.15.8
Last Reply: by IceAngel
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"Hello spinners.Iv bin starting to work on a system for poi and it`s to early to fully show it but I find so much interesting stuff thru this system and one of them I really need to sha..."
Posted: by Mother_Natures_Son
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
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"Usually I wouldnt just make a new thread, but the search function is currently not working properly, so here we go, I guess... I've recently started playing with pendulums and extension..."
Posted: by elasta
Last Reply: by Mother_Natures_Son
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"Firstly, please don't let this thread turn into an argument about names!So lets get the definition out of the way. What I would call contact poi is movements where the poi handle lea..."
Posted: by arashi
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"edit; okay glass just smacked me in the head with the obvious notion that inverted means upside down as well as the definition i went by, in which inverted means; reversed, in a contrar..."
Posted: by simian
Last Reply: by Sambo_Flux
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"Lots of useful threads about hyperloops\airwraps\knots\tangles\nexuseses\randy badgers.Please post random rubbish in this thread to keep it bumped Read These FirstAirwraps and Hyperloop..."
Posted: by Analemma
Last Reply: by bratboy1010
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"Just realized that these beauties havent been discussed before, so lets talk! And Rev, you are not allowed to write more than 2 pages in every post My interpretation of Atomic weaves: A..."
Posted: by Javier_Olguin
Last Reply: by Javier_Olguin
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"I highly doubt that anyone affiliated with this website knows who i am, seeing as how this is my posting debut. And, I apologize if i sound like a big-headed american but i feel my styl..."
Posted: by AlienJon
Last Reply: by aston
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"Some ideas are brewing in my head, as of late. I think there is an important distinction between 'circle' and 'cycle': Circle is spatial, a geometric shape. Cycle is temporal, peopl..."
Posted: by Loki_the_trickster
Last Reply: by squid
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"I'll probably get yelled at for search doings, one of the reasons I never post on HoP, but here goes anyway.....Okay, I haven't been in many of the "tech" poi discussions or around any ..."
Posted: by Celyddon
Last Reply: by Richee
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"I have a question for those more experienced poi spinners.Yuta just released a new movie about a month ago from Bornfire; specifically, I'm referring to no. 4, "Finale".At 2:34, he and ..."
Posted: by Daedra
Last Reply: by Daedra
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"Hello everyone!Now I've been on the forum for a long while but I'm always more of a lurker than a participant!But during my quiet time I've been doing a lot of writing and general geeky..."
Posted: by NYC
Last Reply: by Mireneye
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"I was going to use the word "Jedi" but I have mixed feelings about it.And every time I think about this I think back years ago to Drew amazing and confusing an EJC workshop by doing a r..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by esmokah
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"That is well known today, that differencebetween spin and antispin is wheather Poimove the same way like hand or opposite.We can imagine spin or anti-spin as serieof patterns, with coun..."
Posted: by jaiko
Last Reply: by E_a_g_l_e
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"Post deleted by jaiko"
Posted: by sazken
Last Reply: by PCPaul
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"I'd say i'm something of a newbie (aren't we all?), and I've recently begun to play with Isolations and such. I can do a somewhat shoddy iso-buzzsaw and various other isolation trickery..."
Posted: by [Nx?]
Last Reply: by DarkFyre
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"yo,this is something the ddragon said before, but i think it warants its own post for ease of future can make a tangle buzzsaw go forever:go into tangle buzzsaw.make 'isol..."
Posted: by Mireneye
Last Reply: by Mireneye
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"This is a small but simple theory about isolations mostly but will also touch on the subject of extensions.Imagine this as your arm from your shoulder and down to your fingertips. Each ..."
Posted: by aston
Last Reply: by aston
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"Someone in the "I just learned a new advanced move/combo" mentioned barrel rolls.What are they?I found a thread on a butterfly version, but I can not actually follow what the basic move..."
Posted: by bluecat
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"So, i posted this over on tribe but had no response not quite sure why, i was sure it was interesting.... (mmmmm ego)basically, i know that this has been partly covered in a few threa..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by fanged_angel
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"This is an deeper look through the vision of Poi move.Beginning (2000/2001)In the beginning there were no move,only people, Poi and great will.Direction (2001)The early state of move, w..."
Posted: by _Clare_
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Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"code-red.txtGateway of the last resort.-----------------------------------------######### CODE RED #########------------Triquetras------------&lbr;Trifoil&rbr; extension.-------------Th..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by squid
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"THE VIEW PRESENT HERE IS MINE ALONE. REFLECTING ONECURRENT UNDERSTANDING AND MAY CHANGE LATE A DAY.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------I/O S..."
Posted: by simian
Last Reply: by mcp
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"i've been having some loose and disconnected thoughts about started when i was chatting to meg about strange feelings we can have when we see patterns that confuse us(buzzwo..."
Posted: by Red_RaveN
Last Reply: by aston
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"Simple idea..Picture a double weave vertical(opposite) stall in front of the body. And a double vertical split time butterfly stall(on either side of the body).Or a same time butterfly ..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by simta
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"This thread describe view on routine.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Routine is specific sequence of moves. Can be cyclic, meen that..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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Posted: by technicaltitch1
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Posted: by animatEd
Last Reply: by AlienJon
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"Ok, I'm Getting excited about poi again because of these, and I'm putting this in 'advanced' because it's relatively new. Basically, they're a double stall, one poi vertical, one poi ho..."
Posted: by J_Pizzle
Last Reply: by TheWibbler
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"can someone tell me if it's possible to keep a butterfly hyperloop in split time, or do they ALWAYS knock each other into parallel time?rsvpasap"
Posted: by E_a_g_l_e
Last Reply: by Durbs
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"I've learned a 7 beat no wrap, and in fact it's much more easy it looks. So, is it possible to add some beats without wraps, throws and moves like "augmented wave"? Have you any informa..."
Posted: by RicheeII
Last Reply: by RicheeII
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"Behind the scene, there were allready progression in GS community. Looking for source of inspiration, here you'll wind sort of new body movement and new family inspiration in glowsticki..."
Posted: by DJ Aman
Last Reply: by RicheeII
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"I've never been good w/ names so can you help me identify some tricks I've been doing??1. Perform a basic wrap on your forearm (the one not swinging the poi or the same one.) but before..."
Posted: by burncat
Last Reply: by JohnnyFettucini
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"hii started spinning 6 poi some days ago. (one butterfly in each hand and one with feets). also found out that the one foot butterfly isnt that impossible. feet spinning isnt as limite..."
Posted: by PK_
Last Reply: by thombre
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"So.. thinking about this new amongst ourselves can we break moves down as to what will be specifically more advanced?And how easy without arguments.. will it be to list wha..."
Posted: by danae_sun
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Posted: by Richee
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"Welcome to advanced Poi spinning,You can find here resource of advanced Poi move technique and theory,to help you out develop your own style.--------------------------------------------..."
Posted: by Richee
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"This is later 'classfull' Poi spinning spectrum. Tracing ways of spinning area. Small hint, where to go next.-----------------------------------------------OBJECTPoi -Poi object.Style -..."
Posted: by Sinner
Last Reply: by Moloch
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"Hey alli hope u'll all understand me when i say how the hell do i do 'huggies.' I've just come back from the clapham common meeting (awesome guys ) and someone there was telling me abo..."
Posted: by decemberscalm
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