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Welcome to advanced Poi spinning,

You can find here resource of advanced Poi move technique and theory,
to help you out develop your own style.


I've just learned new move / combo!

Enjoy the weave of the Poi:

[Old link]


(We want you!)

I think, I've found something new.

You will find here database of known terms or move tutorials.

-[Old link]
-[Old link]

(Have a look into.)

Do you know Durbs?

Here, were allready many things discussed, now and before.

Mr.[Old link]

can find almost anything.

(Including begginer Poi thread.)

How to thread:

-Use [Old link] board code to formate your text and graphic.
-Use [Old link] where aplicable.
-Use relevant topic name.
-Sign yourself.

(Thank you.)

Where to go next?

Explore the site, select category. Discover thread discussions
and theory for new practise, routine, goal or project.

(Don't forget to tell us about.)


FAQ - Originaly rewrited by Dom's
Poi beginner FAQ.




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