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I've never been good w/ names so can you help me identify some tricks I've been doing??

1. Perform a basic wrap on your forearm (the one not swinging the poi or the same one.) but before it goes around a second time make a locomotion movement with the forearm it's being wraped around and the poi will swing in basic swing. (man I wish my camera worked.)

2. wrap around 3 fingers (or 2 or whatever.) on your opposite hand. when it's wrapped around once close your grip on it and instead of wrapping on your hand, it'll wrap around the chain (or the sock). From there you can continue the wrap and then set your poi in reverse or you can wiggle you fingers out of the first wrap you made and the wraps you made on the poi chain will staighten out and you can continue swinging like normal.

Sorry I'm so confusing. I'd try and get a video but whenever I try to upload something to my coputer it says the file is a couple Gbs. -_-'

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1. Not entirely sure, but sounds a bit like half a pushed buzzsaw...are you sort of propelling the wrapped poi around with your wrist/forearm?

2. I have no idea wink

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Your spinning the poi around in a normal spin using your forearm or bottom of your wrist instead of your hands.... Is their like a HOP "what's the name of this trick" thread cause that would help me alot.

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I think you'd be best off with this thread ang diving it some time. Or else, post a video and ask. smile

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I have been playing with that sort of thing for a good year or so now.
Try bouncing your poi off each other and arms etc instead of actual wrapping, and use your fingers to manipulate the angle of the swing. Also catching, and using airwraps/hyperloops and changing the angle that the poi swing on, then getting into wrapping and catching from hyperloops.

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couple things alot of ppl consider glowsticking a [censored] step child of poi but these are both common moves in glowsticking probbally because there is no chance of burning your self and the are fun to play with i suggest you look on youtube for the tutoriols from or just go to glowsticking .com because there is really solid theroy behind the moves once you understand it and it help expand your style to be more unique which is all of our goals. and the names are simple hand wraps and arm wraps try wraping from arm to arm ie left poi right arm right poi left arm and so onewith no beats between makes awesome spiral patterns. p.l.u.r.

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when is your camera coming back from repair confused tongue


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1. Te real Trace

2. God, I forgot the name! (there is a vid..).

(possible Stringwrap variation)

Basic wrap, but instead of letting it unwrap

you cross the path of the reciol by the string.

(Letting it wrap one more around te string

and that free the way to truly unwrap.)

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