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Behind the scene, there were allready progression in GS community. Looking for source of inspiration, here you'll wind sort of new body movement and new family inspiration in glowsticking and freehand.


FREEHAND(double head catch variations)


The concept of creating outlines of various parts of the body by drag-

ging the glowstick along the said part of the body.

/ Full contact , Continual stand

Shadow Tracing

The concept of moving your body behind or around a stationary glow-

stick. essentially, the inverse of tracing.

/ Static center turning

Figure 8

A move that creates trails that resemble the shape of

an "8". the In verted Figure 8 is essentially the same

thing, but with the glowsticks pointed at you instead

of outward.

/ Different classic figure 8

Helicopter / Heli 8

A variant of the Figure 8 in which the glowsticks travel in the shape

of a flat circle, either vertically or horizontally.

/ Different classic corkscrew

Brush Strokes

The concept of creating shapes or objects, or the idea of a shape or

object, with the trails of the glowstick, away from the body.

/ Square, Robotic.


The concept of making a "hole" with a part of your body, usually

arms, then passing through it with your arm and the glowstick.

/ Negative space


Stop and start motions, one hand after the other. often box oriented.

egyptian king tut like movements.

/ Boogie, Start, Stop


Act of tapping a tossed stick with foot, elbow, knee, shoulder, etc.

/ Trap

Mind games

Optical illusions. Moves that appear to involve something impossible

or improbable, such as a disappearing glowstick. )

/ mcp: "are so next year.."


GLOWSTICKING (rambling resort)


A set of moves where the glowstick(s) is(are) tied to

the string. There are many variations.

/ Hand-craft

Color switching

A handles move where the two glowsticks on each

string are different colors and swapped. There are

many different variations.

/ Meteor a bit


Wrapping where you wrap one part of your body, and

while it is still wrapped, you wrap onto another part

of your body.

/ Wrap -> Wrap -> Recoil -> Reciol, instead of Wrap

-> Reciol

Freehand Transition

Category of moves that involve switching from string-

ing type moves to freehand type moves. Typically

done by either winding in, or catching the glow-


/ Glow -> Frehand traversal.


When you pull the strings across the body and around

limbs in contortions much like Gumby the cartoon


/ BTB double catch to front "trick"


Catch done where the strings cross forming a "Link"

much like an X with an intersection in the middle.

The right hand is holding the glowstickattached to

the right hand and the left hand is holding the

glowstick attached to the left hand.

/ Opposite head double catch.

String Manipulations

The proper term for moves that involve manipulating

the stick and strings, usually involving caches,

throws, tosses, links, thumbplits and a variety of

other moves. Also called "string tricks". An incorrect

term that has been used is "mind games" which

should only apply to freehand moves.

/ Manipulation class


String wrap is a type of wrap that involves pinching one

of the glowsticks while wrapping the other glowstick

around the taut string.

/ 1. Armpit trap 2. Tail wrap 3. Recoil 4. Un-trap, NYC!


Put your thumbs underneath the strings and then let

go of the sticks so they go to the opposite hand.

/ Suoper hand-craft 2


A trace usually begins with a wrap and then your hand

moves around the body part you are tracing to make

the stick follow a circle (trace) around that body part.

Different places to trace are on your knee and neck

primarily and also on your feet and elbows.

/ Following path of wrap, just before recoil. Nice move.


Decrypto resource:

-Glowsticking tutorial

-Freehand tutorial


Printable version:



Thanks GS community to bring that out. All the authors

and all the people. The desciptions are plain copy,

but those your are so good, only comment!

off to more practise,



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Changed the name, there is a reason.

Huge edit, ton to practise.

can't resist,



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Ok, I have never been good at following your text descriptions. Its beautiful theory, but above my head.

So, a Q: Are the Gumbies like the behind the back airwraps that they were doing in the 2nd vid? Or were the the kind of over-the-shoulder spiral wraps that were brought back to the front?

Thanks for the visuals though. It does help me a bit. Its such a different animal (glowsticking) from modern poi. I've never really paid it much mind up till now, but it is really beautiful to watch.

"to a man whose only tool is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail." Abraham Maslow

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1)Neither, nor. It's right kinda puzzle, negative thru. You catch

each opposite Poi heads to make a 'string line', link, double

head catch, and whatsoever in the front of you.

Now, there is a way in this state, still catching the heads with

'string line' to get from the front behind your back without

any release, going throught.

2)The solution is to move the 'string line' in a line with your fore-

arm, like when you touch with each hand opposite elbow. Then

pass the 'string line' "throught" the elbow(inna negative way).

3)Then over your head in the similar way to get the "string line"

behing your back. Now you can try to get back and with the

other side.

4)You Gumby.

It's like notepad, wishlist, or to-do list. Even I didn't understand

that at all.

thank you,



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The final edit.




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