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Posted: by Durbs
Last Reply: by jemima (jem)
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"Inevitable really, what with all that "pinging" and "ponging" that people forgot stuff If we could make a quote list (as in pre-wiki Falmouth attendees list) that'd be grand So...I'll s..."
Posted: by Ry
Last Reply: by dromepixie
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" sure whether to put this in chat or not, but I found it interesting. For what it's worth, I think metric's wonderful, but if beers were serv..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by MiG
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"I perform at Rens.I am a member of a very strong group of "rennies" from my area and we have a yahoo group.Recently on the group a woman brought up the idea that we pull ourselves toget..."
Posted: by lasersurge
Last Reply: by LMSP
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"I just woke up from a dream where i died less than half an hour ago. It was the most intensely sad i can remember feeling, even after i woke and new it was a dream i couldn't stop cryin..."
Posted: by lauz the caterpilla
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"after along discussion with my friend last night we started talking about how we disagreed with religion because of what it does to people.i dont know how many of you on this board are ..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"Okay...I saw that this:"The Bush led Christian attack on Islam, and the reprisals, certainly sticks out as a corruption of religion. And its more than a litle ironic that all sides fig..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Klowny
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"So it's a BEAUTIFUL day in New York City. 20C and sunny.So I got up, opened my windows wide, shat, showered, shaved...And now have returned to my room to discover that I am heavy one ..."
Posted: by Prometheus
Last Reply: by Loewan
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"I know there are many people, even some on this board, who think that airport security is absoutely necessary. They feel we are taking adequate precautions against anyone getting on boa..."
Posted: by Lavatwilight
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Posted: by s1owpoke
Last Reply: by Julie2022
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"I made this post a few days back on a different forum and thought I might share it with you all. I still can not go home probably for weeks.I did bring my Poi pratice set but lost the C..."
Posted: by nearly_all_gone
Last Reply: by LMSP
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"Are you shy? Have you ever helped someone who is shy? What makes you shy?My girlfriend is so shy it stops her from getting on with her life. To be fair she's getting better and better, ..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Sethis
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"The good news is -- and it's hard for some to see it now -- that out of this chaos is going to come a fantastic Gulf Coast, like it was before. Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house ..."
Posted: by Mint Sauce
Last Reply: by dream
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"is tax a good or bad thing and why dose it get such a bad rap"
Posted: by Jhinge
Last Reply: by Loewan
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"can dogs walk on two legs no is the answer i hear you shout and i wolud normally agreebut check this out its crazy "
Posted: by Klowny
Last Reply: by MiG
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"Hi, I have recently enrolled myself as a journalist for a school newspaper, as a feature article writer, my first subject for this job i decided would be on fire twirling and art forms ..."
Posted: by Bekar
Last Reply: by Bekar
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"Hello All !!!Sorry for my english...I'm interesting in Historical Reconstruction .And now it's very interesting to me... Is the fire-juggling the old art? Was the some kind of fire-jug..."
Posted: by linden rathen
Last Reply: by pricklyleaf
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"every year around this time the newspapers parade a host of head lines screaming that A levels etc are getting easieris it just me that finds this very demeaning and annoying?i have jus..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by MurfdaSmurf
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"Yup, you heard me. I have about a year to kill (I'm applying for schools next year, so, hopefully, I will be in a uni next year.....) and I want to know where I should go and what I sh..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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" interviewed for this a few weeks ago. The date of my accident is about 10 years off, but everything else is pretty in order. What do ..."
Posted: by linden rathen
Last Reply: by GothFrogette
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"id like to say that this **is** a reaction to various posts on social chat, and would like to voice my opinion here in as an adult manner as i can managefirstly i fail (slightly) to see..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by jeff(fake)
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"So I got my monthly issue of Contemporary Pediatrics and in it is an article on herbs used in GI complaints (For those of you interested: Gardiner PD, Kemper KJ. "For GI Complaints Whic..."
Posted: by baton dancer
Last Reply: by Mr_Chutney
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" Baton and poi twirling federation is going to be registered in Bulgaria in one and half a month. As I know there are no poi twirling federations, but poi twirling communities. What do..."
Posted: by DeepSoulSheep
Last Reply: by PsychoTronic
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"What is friendship?What is friendship to you? Everyone has had the experience of growing away from people as you get older. Sometimes when you think about it, you might wonder why you w..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by fNi
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"Written by: FYI I really despise age based laws, but thats neither here nor there... Thats not quite within the scope of the argument, and I'm taking a more extreme position for this th..."
Posted: by 87wt2gxq7
Last Reply: by roarfire
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"Just an idea that wandered across my mind like a calico kitten wandering across the carpet looking for a ball of fluff to pounce on...Would having a space for blogs on HoP be a good/ind..."
Posted: by onewheeldave
Last Reply: by Kyrian
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"There have been many posts lately concerning freedom and the state- examples being the issues of drugs being legal/illegal and the threads on how governements (particularly the US and U..."
Posted: by KaelGotRice
Last Reply: by KaelGotRice
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"Party in Utah, US ends with helicopters and SWAT in full tactical gear sending partygoers fleeing-Saturday night, August 20th, 2005-Video of SWAT roughing up 'ravers'- Same video, diffe..."
Posted: by Jhinge
Last Reply: by spritie
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"so i was on the train thismorning on my way to work in canterbury reading the news paper when i came across an artical about hospitals and art now get thisthe nhs is spending a vast amo..."
Posted: by Bubbles_
Last Reply: by Doc Lightning
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"disclaimer: ok i was going to just reply to the 'old hop heads v.s new hop heads' in social chat just going off the title, but then i realised that this may start a discussion so it wou..."
Posted: by _VT_
Last Reply: by _Clare_
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" If the U.S. wants to send me over there to help with this crap I'm going to have to contientiously object to it."
Posted: by Igirisujin
Last Reply: by PsychoTronic
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"Who believes in it?I dont, under any circumstancesWhen someone is punished for theire crimes its called justice, but how can you ever justify a murder? The people who decide weather cap..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by SpitFire
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"I don't think I can purchase Health Insurance in the US. Not, can't afford. Can't purchase. No company will sell it to me, it seems (altho, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm happy t..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by linden rathen
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"So we have a very sick baby in the NICU. I was the resident on call last night.So last night we were carefully monitoring the gases in his blood because he's on a ventilator. Here's t..."
Posted: by Peregrine
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Posted: by jarofgreen
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"So Photography is one of things i do, and I would lke to try some Poi Photography. I took a couple of photos at WOMAD which I will upload soon. But my question is: what do people think ..."
Posted: by firepixie
Last Reply: by QuadDamage
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"I have been to a couple of modified car meets recently and have noticed a few regulars with poi, or breathing fire!I was just enquiring, is this a normal thing?!Also, does anyone meet i..."
Posted: by FlameChild
Last Reply: by Loewan
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""Oh my god, what have we done???" cried second pilot Robert Lewis, when the plane he was in was filled with incredible bright light.At 8:15:17, morning on the 6th of august 1945, Lewis ..."
Posted: by DJ Dantana
Last Reply: by Kyrian
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"did y'all see the footage released, showing the "terrorist suspect" calmly wlaking along and the police sneak up behind him and waste him?"
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by vanilla
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"Well, to paraphrase, I've exibited three behaviors which I find very strange but which most people find normal in the past few days. I've been jealous of another girl over a guy, felt ..."
Posted: by Seraphire
Last Reply: by newgabe
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"I'm not sure where to put this post but I figured here will do. If you want to move it to Events, Performances & Gatherings, s'all good.Basic Info. DSEi stands for "Defence Systems ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by NYC
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"Yes, folks, now babies can be denied boardiing a plane with no probable cause whatsoever. Am I the only one who thinks this has gone too far?From Written by: 'No-fly list' kee..."
Posted: by Ry
Last Reply: by maus
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"Hi all!One of the units I'm doing at uni this semester is 'information production'- it involves making a short doco with a broadcast quality camera.Since it's reasonably easy access to ..."
Posted: by Carobananas
Last Reply: by Deviant_thinking
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"I'm thinking about a long holiday traveling around either Britain or Ireland.I've hitchhiked through a quite a few countries in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain to name a few..."
Posted: by Villet13
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Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Rozi
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" *LOVE* this. It is sooooo fantastic and about freakin' time that a major "beauty" corporation realised their sales will be better if you associate your product wit..."
Posted: by Prometheus
Last Reply: by weeleigh
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" Bill Dalrymple, 56, and best friend Bryan Pinn, 65, have decided to take the plunge and try out the new same-sex marriage legislation with a twist -- they're straight men.The reason fo..."
Posted: by Malcolm
Last Reply: by the_poier
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"Quickly logging in to let you all know I am now a proud father.Jesse decided to come out early (5th August was due date)Born 6.42pm 30th July 2004, Christchurch Womens Hospital, Christc..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by TinklePants
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"Noah was channel surfing today and stopped on a show about celebrities and thier religions....and how much money they spend on being "balanced" and pious. Woah!Did you know there is Ka..."
Posted: by .:star:.
Last Reply: by linden rathen
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"Synchronicity is a word created by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe the alignment of "universal forces" with the life experiences of an individual. Jung believed that many e..."
Posted: by Laday
Last Reply: by .:star:.
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"This is for you Uncle Andy. Be brave and be boldLove and be loved Smile and laughLearn and accept the unknown.You are there now.I miss already and will always miss you.Yesterday wasn't ..."
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