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I'm not sure where to put this post but I figured here will do. If you want to move it to Events, Performances & Gatherings, s'all good.

Basic Info.

DSEi stands for "Defence Systems and Equipment international"

It is the worlds largest weapons fair. and an exhibition is being held at The ExCeL Centre, London Docklands from September 10th-16th.

There will be many countries present including several G8 members.

This arms exhibition is symbolism to the continual wars in todays world. A pedaling of arms to make profit from death is inhumane and wrong.

I'm not suggesting that anyone here head to arms about it, but support. There will be people taking direct action with lock-ons and such. This is just an idea. If your free to make it to the area on any of the days, come along, dance, spin, keep moral up and support everyone there.

For more information go to

Many thanks


Please, any thoughts about this topic, contribute.

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Well although I'm onthe other side of the world, I send my support to anyone with the guts to take direct action. thankx
Make a special beeline for the landmines, will you?

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