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CarobananasGOLD Member
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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm thinking about a long holiday traveling around either Britain or Ireland.

I've hitchhiked through a quite a few countries in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain to name a few) and noticed that some countries are a lot easier than others.

E.g. Germany is great, France can be quite difficult.

So how about Britain and Ireland? How common is hitchhiking there?

I'd be hitching together with my boyfriend and we don't look particulary scary.

Am I likely to be stuck for hours/days in one place?

Will police send us away when they see us?

Thanks for any advice!!

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BirgitBRONZE Member
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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

I've hitchhiked once in the highlands of Scotland, it took me about 10 mins to get a ride from an old farmer who went about 10 km out of his way so that I'd get to my destination safely. And in Ireland I was walking a few miles to a hostel, when 2 jogging girls saw me, asked if I was going to the hostel, and told me to wait for them to get their car to give me a lift. So in rural areas it seems to work quite well, I haven't done it regularly though, so I can't tell you smile Only advice the girls in Ireland gave me was to be careful with eastern European workers as they'd had bad experience with them taking girls in cars, but then you have your boyfriend with you smile

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SymBRONZE Member
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Location: Diss, Norfolk, United Kingdom

I hitch quite a lot in England. I've always had good luck, but I've not done much on the motoways or anything so I couldn't really you about that.

Of cause it has its problems, but I think you'll be ok in the UK

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elektrovert 2 posts
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Ireland would be ok to hitch around I'd imagine.
I did some a few years back and we were rarely waiting for hours for a lift.
Occasionally though.

Boo_BunnyBRONZE Member
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Location: infront of you, United Kingdom

Dont hitch on Motorways!! Its not only illegal and you will be arrested, but its super hard. You will be stood there for hours with your thumb out like a lemon.

People are genraly nice in England, apart from when they stop, wait, and then drive off just as you run up.

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CarobananasGOLD Member
april fool
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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

That doesn't sound too bad so far !

I wouldn't go hitching right ON the motorway of couse, but try to get dropped off at roadside restaurants/petrol stations. I suppose it's not illegal there?

AkashlaBRONZE Member
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Location: On the far left of sane, Ireland

I live in Ireland, and used to hitch on a regular basis. It was never that bad, although if you get in beside a farmer that smells like cowsh!te then you may regret it quite quickly...

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garthySILVER Member
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Location: Bristol, England

II've hitched in UK quite abit.

I never had any trouble. Use to hitch on moterway enterances where there is somewhere safe to pull over.

10 mins is the most I've ever waited. Had some really wired lifts.

Lorry drives will generally pick you up to chat to you.

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IgirisujinSILVER Member
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Location: Preston, United Kingdom

Oh cowshite is the least smelly kind of animal....erm waste. Now if you get a lift from a pig farmer THEN your gonna regret it lol

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BekarPLATINUM Member
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It's my old dream... to hitchhike Britain & Ireland.... 8( But it's so far...

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Winged AvengerSILVER Member
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Location: Colchester, England (UK)

Have you read "Round Ireland with a fridge" by Tony Hawks (not the skateboarder)? Tony takes a bet that he can't hitch-hike around the coast of Ireland within acertain amount of time with a fridge. Its very funny and totally recommend it!

As for the UK, normal safety issues apply but youo do see hitch-hikers occaisionally. My Dad used to do it a lots in the 60s to go to football matches around the country but of course time and crime rates change. Just be safe! Oh and let us know where you are so we can all meet you for a spin!

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Deviant_thinking 36 posts
Location: Edenderry, Co. Offaly

I live in Ireland and it's safe as houses. I used to thumb around all the time instead of paying for buses, I'd go up and down the country during the Summer and it's dead easy, don't thumb on the motorways though.

what i will say is, stay away from motorways all together, read Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, go on back roads all the way, get lost have fun, smile and you should be laughing. if your in Ireland let me know, I'd gladly meet you in dublin with a group of spinning friends if you'd like, I'm pretty noob but the ppl i know are badass (faberg, doctor_fandango, firepoise are but a few on HoP)

mmm, if u wanna know some good spots in Ireland whisp me. I'd write more but I'm badly sleep deprived!

take it easy!

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