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Posted: by Killigan
Last Reply: by Killigan
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"Hey there, here comes another noob. I also got a staff as a present and i really enjoy it! I'm getting the basics done smoothly and can get high speed already - due to my previous marti..."
Posted: by Oompa
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"I'm new to all of this and just started spinning glowsticks the other night. I was wondering what sort of moves should I not even attempt with glowsticks because of the difference in we..."
Posted: by pepitaonfire
Last Reply: by aston
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"hello, fellow spinners! I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about how best to transport a fire staff by bike. my staff is home made and so does not come apart in any way, and is about..."
Posted: by stano3b
Last Reply: by stano3b
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"heya,guys, do you know any shop in Europe I could get 2,0 mm oval twist chain? Sure it has to be welded for a safe spin. There are many shops offering 2,4 mm ones but they are WAY too h..."
Posted: by digger_the_sadu_hobo
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
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"i am a side show freak and i have been touring with side shows and circuses in america for 7 years but i am cumeing back to scotland and want to do street i need a licence or c..."
Posted: by Dark_Dancer
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
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"Just ordered my first poi and looking for a teacher in the Glasgow-Edinburgh corridor.Anyone know of any non wierdo types that may teach in the area?"
Posted: by NoahsArk
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"Hi there,My name is Tom and I am a volunteer for Noah's Ark Children's Hospice.At present, I am supporting the Family Support team with organising our Easter Family Day. Our Family Day'..."
Posted: by Poisoningyou
Last Reply: by Dark_Dancer
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"Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows any songs with beat changes, acoustic drums, sounds like something that could be in a drum circle, that would be nice to spin to?"
Posted: by TemeritySeeker
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"I feel like I really really want to get into doing poi. I've made my own sock ones and I can do some basic moves but I (think) I'd like to buy some LEDS.However, I know I want to go ont..."
Posted: by Magic tortise
Last Reply: by aston
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"So i bought a pair of crystal case flowpoi and they are way to light, is one flowmass per poi enough? how much do they actuly weigh?i dont want to order just 2 then find out they are st..."
Posted: by zoo
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Im getting ready to make a set of poi and im a little unsure of one thing. Im planning on making cathedral heads for them and wanted to use an eye bolt to attach them, but im not sure w..."
Posted: by comradebootstrap
Last Reply: by zoo
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"Ok, I have looked all over the internet and can't seem to find out what the laws are for open flames in little five points in Atlanta. What would happen if I just started spinning fire ..."
Posted: by CozmkForestChild
Last Reply: by Flloww
Views: 5350    Replies: 14
"Hey Everybody! So I started poi early this past summer and am totally in love. I have a great teacher here in upstate NY and I also like to check out the videos here on HoP. The one thi..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Ok, I'm thinking this winter I would love to save up some money for a pair of fire snakes. I know the design I want to use. I want to do a 4-plait round braid, with 1 or 2 circle stitch..."
Posted: by arashi
Last Reply: by poismylove
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"hoooboy. yes this post is long but hopefully rich and interesting and thought provoking. if you don't care about teaching people then don't toture yourself and skip it. it's taken forev..."
Posted: by Christopher_harper
Last Reply: by Christopher_harper
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"I am new, and wanted to help the community by posting a couple of rope dart vids because it seemed to me that it was lacking a couple of key wraps.I love poi and rope dart."
Posted: by FireSam
Views: 700    Replies: 0
"Hey All,Im travelling to Egypt and taking my fire gear with me.So how easy is it to find Kerosene, Calite and Pegasol 3440.And do they go by any other names.Thanks GuysFireSam"
Posted: by PoiSwingerKos
Last Reply: by Kombi guy
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"I ordered two pair of foxy sock poi. On got shipped on 17th octobre 2010(blue) and the other got shipped on 21th octobre 2010(hot pink). The one that was sended later came today and the..."
Posted: by AJM
Last Reply: by MoyMoy
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"hey all, just had a search, but"
Posted: by MaXiu
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
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"Has anyone got any ideas/suggestion for a bent Fire Staff.Its a Aluminium core 'monster' fire staffs (140cm long) with a purple grip fitted with oversized large wicks (100mm).It has bee..."
Posted: by mikefrid
Last Reply: by Mr Majestik
Views: 2066    Replies: 4
"Anyone know where I can read the laws regarding fire arts laws in Australia (Staf, poi, fire eating & fire breathing?"
Posted: by Midkiff
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"does anyone know any recipes for foods that have litle to no smell a relative of mine has stage 4 lung cancer and is slowly starving because they cant eat hardly anything as his since o..."
Posted: by EpitomeOfNovice
Last Reply: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"Hey guys, my torch poi are getting their inaugural run at this Saturday's fire jam and I have a spin-off bucket but I'm wondering if it's better to treat the torch poi as torches and ho..."
Posted: by poismylove
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
Views: 1572    Replies: 6
"okay i noticed there was another topic with the same name but i figured since all spinners are different, this deserved its own post. Okay so i have decided its finally time to spin fir..."
Posted: by D3l1r1um
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"I was wondering if anyone buy chance knew where I would find one if such a thing exists?Im certain it does- I just wouldnt know where to even start looking>.<"
Posted: by Pollhammer
Last Reply: by tracerammo
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"Hi, I just have a quick question about the fire orb. How do I determine what legnth to order. Is it a shoulder width thing, or just preference? any input would be greatly appreciated."
Posted: by Laasya
Last Reply: by Sista Firewire
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"(Sorry if this is a repeat topic, didn't see one already up.)I have a pair of Dual Color Flags from HoP. I bought them this past June as my first (and currently only) poi. I desperately..."
Posted: by aston
Last Reply: by aston
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"I am running a coin hunt on campus, inspired by the early Mystery Hunts at MIT in a couple weeks.I have everything worked out (questions, permission, prize), but is there any chance som..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Ok this really does not affect me in any way, but it makes me very curious and confuses me. Just a while ago because of prices I did not refill my can with my normal fuel mix. It's norm..."
Posted: by kaoswolf4
Last Reply: by Midkiff
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"I saw someone a long time ago with a small led ball on a almost invisible wire, and it was amazing. however I cant find anything like it anywhere. anyone have an idea where i can find t..."
Posted: by Eternal_
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Hello First post here, wasn't sure where to put it.. Meh, oh well I've been practising quite a bit, and have used my Fire Poi about 15 times since I received them, and since the beginni..."
Posted: by 3rd Half
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"I just received my poi order in the mail today and excitedly opened the package. Along with other gear, I bought LED Sock Poi. I removed the tab separating the batteries and tried to tu..."
Posted: by LaLaLand
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
Views: 7268    Replies: 17
"So, I got me 60 cm long stick and I wonder what to do next to make a levistick... Can somebody help me with this one?I would like to try levisticking, but I'd like to try and see if I r..."
Posted: by JoshDG
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"Apologies if this is in the wrong place but didn't seem to fit in with the creating my own kit section.I've invested in a set of Nightburst Pro poi. Unfortunately the LED unit in one of..."
Posted: by Khaos
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Hello everyone! I bought some #10 swivels from the HOP shop ( when I built my poi and I love them but I noticed wh..."
Posted: by joffjk
Last Reply: by Laasya
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"there are a few post on this put they are all pretty old I was wondering if some one could recommend a good edit software which can have quicktime files imported. I don't want to use wi..."
Posted: by BlackQuilt
Last Reply: by triptrician
Views: 3317    Replies: 5
"(Preemptive apology if this is a common question)I was just wondering if certain fuels are less likely to singe your hair on brief contact. The only fuel I've bought so far is white gas..."
Posted: by lil_magic_man
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 657    Replies: 1
"Hi there, I have made my own website,, currently on a free domain (reasoning behind the .tk) but I have been hard tried on getting people to visit. Ive done the face..."
Posted: by DudeGuy16
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 619    Replies: 3
"So I'm about to purchase some Kevlar for my staff and poi.I have two options:1/16" thickness1/8" thicknessI know that in terms of cost, 1/8 is slightly cheaper because you onl..."
Posted: by bairezer
Last Reply: by EpitomeOfNovice
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"I have LED poi that I got for Christmas, and my sister has an LED hoop. When the weather is good, we go outside on our driveway. She hoops, I poi. People always stop to stare, or scream..."
Posted: by T-S-A
Last Reply: by Fine_Rabid_Dog
Views: 1058    Replies: 2
"I know this sounds stupid, but I have tried searching for things and am just getting nothing back and it's really frustrating.Search for similar threads (cateye) Quick search. List top..."
Posted: by WoodlandApple
Last Reply: by FireTom
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"2 things,1. I noticed the ignore function has been changed, you are no longer allowed the option to view posts from people you are ignoring. Which means I need to revisit my list 2. Why..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by Midkiff
Views: 1103    Replies: 3
"Ok last saturday I had a performance, I was payed for fire poi, and asked to do fire breathing, and I did some fire eating. This is about the breathing part. I think some others thought..."
Posted: by DrDrizzle
Last Reply: by burningoftheclavey
Views: 1826    Replies: 20
"So here's my question...I've got a sweet poi set a friend of mine and I made, and recently put some of those screw shut carabiners on the end for a quick change out from fire heads to b..."
Posted: by DrDrizzle
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"My avatar won't show met the 80x80 criteria...does anyone know what to do?"
Posted: by Wonderlands
Last Reply: by Wonderlands
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"Hi, Ive just started learning and I am wanting to know if there is anyone here that would like to get together to learn and have some fun with poi!"
Posted: by Shelby_Buckler
Last Reply: by Sister Eleven
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"I keep hitting myself in the face when I attempt to do a reverse butterfly does anyone know of a way I can protect my face because I want to get better but after a hit like that I feel ..."
Posted: by blu_valley
Last Reply: by lollyb
Views: 3326    Replies: 5
"Hi AllI know this is a long shot, but does anyone own or know of any one who owns some land in the sussex area of the UK that would be willing to hire it out for a weekend wedding? I'm ..."
Posted: by SpinnerofDetroit
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
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"Hey can someone check for me if Flowtoys' website is down again or if it's just my computer. I was on it just a little bit ago and now I went to order something and it won't load the pa..."
Posted: by WoodlandApple
Last Reply: by Icarus Forde
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"so, its kinda annoying that the spell check wants me to always spell in American, is there a way to switch it off. I would rather make spelling mistakes than deal with international inc..."
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