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Posted:I just found out that when I made my order, I accidentally put my street name in lowercase, (US) will it still arrive?

some say it will and others say it won't. I'm freaking out because i spent almost 100 bucks, including my girlfriend's valentines gift (and it still hasn't come yet, shippied the 3rd).

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Posted:Yes it will still arrive smile

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Posted:thanks muchly!

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Posted:i have another question about my order..

so i got my pendulapoi (green) with colecord. when i opened them, there was a crease in the cord (no big deal, it makes complete sense), but after about 5 minutes of moderate spinning, i noticed the outside of the cord along this crease was getting stretched, so i could see all the multi-colored fibres inside. it's probably nothing, but i just want to make sure so i can switch out the cord if necessary.

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Posted:Hey Masoncade, email me here at HOP and I will look into this for you in regards to the pendulapoi, chris@homeofpoi.com




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