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Posted:Ok, I'm thinking this winter I would love to save up some money for a pair of fire snakes. I know the design I want to use. I want to do a 4-plait round braid, with 1 or 2 circle stitches over the end of itself to hold it together, I want the actual rope part itself, not hardware included, to be 20-21 inches long and out of half inch rope, possibly 3/4 inch if I have the money. Does anyone have like a conversion rate for length of rope to length of braid with 1/2" and maybe 3/4" rope? I doubt I will do the 3/4" but it was a thought and would appreciate it anyway so I can work out the price smile
You don't have to include the finish knots, I know that'll take like another couple feet or something. Thank you for any help as I'm confident that with this plethora of information called the Home of Poi forums someone will know!

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