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Posted:Hi everyone
I'm about to build my own cylinder head firepoi.
1. Can someone reccomend me a core material?
I thought about an aluminum or stell shaft wiht hles to sew trough.
2. Will a Metal core damage the Kevlar from teh inside?
3. What are the main differences between Kevlar and Fibreglass wicks?
4. What type of chain would you reccomend?

thanks in advance for your help

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Posted:1. Either coreless (make around a chain) or aluminum tubing
2. Nope
3. Wick is generally a blend of the 2 and sometimes pure kevlar. Pure fiberglass is not a good idea.
4. Oval link chain, stainless steel is the best but more expensive, but you can also get nickel plated and black electroplated chain. Nothing wrong with them either.

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