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TemeritySeekerBRONZE Member
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Location: Wales (UK)

I feel like I really really want to get into doing poi. I've made my own sock ones and I can do some basic moves but I (think) I'd like to buy some LEDS.
However, I know I want to go onto doing fire poi and was thinking of starting off with leds connected by chains. Is this a possibilty and if so would you advise it?

I did search the forum attempting to find a topic like this for a few days before I signed up but my search was unsuccessful, apologies if such a topic has already been posted.

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CalibudGOLD Member
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Location: St. Louis , USA

I started spinning 3 months ago..
I started with homemade sock poi.. nylon and little cheap plastic balls from the dollar store.
Bought my first pair of poi at Schwagstock... They were string LEDs, and lemme tell you I didnt learn too many moves with the strings..
Moved the LED heads into socks and got back to learning.
Ordered the set from here, fire and LED on chains, but I ordered the white socks so I could have two sets..
I am really digging the sock poi but I wanna get some flow lights too..
Poi and my life are a never ending upgrading lesson.

JamethGOLD Member
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Always the potential for new toys, yes. smile

ambiguous.missSILVER Member
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Hmm, I probably should have read around here a bit more before jumping in and buying mine, I bought the oval twist chain with some cathedral heads and a pair of the pro LED balls and hooked them up to the chains...

I'd never messed around with Poi before so don't know how they're meant to feel but I haven't really had much of an issue, apart from a bit of pain from hitting myself with the balls a bit while I'm learning, but I've come to realise that's to be expected with this and can generally deal with it..

I chose them because I do want to move onto fire, but still wanted something pretty to look at while messing around..

Just my $0.02

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instead of intellectualizing what to start off with, I would suggest to simply start off (with the first thing at hand)...

both - poi and staff - are incredibly simple to create from scratch (sorry to the shop section) and both (believe it or not) do compliment each other...

if your aim is to impress the audience, then fire nun-chakku or anything fire related is the crowd pleaser (especially if you're a beginner and frequently whack yourself with it)

not questioning your motifs - forgive my sarcasm anyway.

I started with staff, after whacking myself with fire poi in sensitive body parts... then discovered that simple ropes with knots on both ends just do the same job and expanded... never regretted having started with staff - just bulkier to carry. Then again, I never made it to the Jedi-state of spinning in either discipline. ninja < was best I got (._.)

best of luck and keep us posted about your progress hug don't forget to frequently videotape yourself - for us - for yourself - and for your offspring wink

welcome to the arts hug

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

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