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  Posted: Hi, I just have a quick question about the Fire Orb. How do I determine what legnth to order. Is it a shoulder width thing, or just preference? any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  Posted:it would be an arm span thing wink

on a more serious note: it's between shoulder length and personal preference... it would be perfect if someone near you already got one and you could try whether it feels comfi and go from there.

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  Posted:Or get one that you vary the length of the span

Like these here
or here

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  Posted:My first orb is around 30cm long. It's static and I can shorten it by wrapping it around my hands but it's limited to what you can do.

I don't really like the sliding one as you can't control where the fire will be (well, with gravity)

I think the Fyregear ones are probably the most versatile. But you also have to think about how you want your hands....


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  Posted:Another thing to consider: Chain or Wire? I use a wire and it's a bit stiff, so I can't wrap it around my hands (without crazy things happening.)

Longer=More work to isolate (bigger movements) and easier to get behind your head and back. You can have a bigger wick, too!

Shorter=Looks way cool, 'cause your hands are closer. Looks more like liquid dance style, to me. A little more limiting, even for orb... wink

Hope that helps!

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