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Posted: by bushfire
Last Reply: by Mynci
Views: 2133    Replies: 9
"Hey people, My aluminium 1400mm staff has been left in a bad place for a few months (I thought I had lost it!) and now it has slightly warped, is there any way of ..."
Posted: by halo_effect
Last Reply: by bluegirl1
Views: 1589    Replies: 3
"Hey!I've just moved to Copenhagen in Denmark, and will be here for the next 5 months - wondering if anyone knows about the fire community here, and if there is anywhere I can buy some g..."
Posted: by rightasrain
Last Reply: by rightasrain
Views: 1529    Replies: 4
"Could anyone offer advice on how to do the sticthing part of making your own cathedral poi? Possibly a link that explains how to stitch. I'm not sure how much kevlar thread I would need..."
Posted: by Kayleigh_Dunne
Views: 1088    Replies: 0
"its either the best find ever or ....not lmaoive been reading up (but theres not alot of info on it because its new so it comes across) Apparently its the same as colemans fuel but slig..."
Posted: by joe_sixsteps
Last Reply: by Gnor
Views: 7262    Replies: 28
" As anyone who has read Pounce's intro thread knows, there is a beautiful (some would say sick and perverted) relationship blossoming between her and several of the other people who p..."
Posted: by JD
Last Reply: by Kayleigh_Dunne
Views: 3125    Replies: 12
"HiI am a beginner user of fire poi's and so far I have been using Kero for the fuel.I have a few questions that I hope some of you might be able to help with...I will be travelling with..."
Posted: by Flint_413
Last Reply: by Kayleigh_Dunne
Views: 3200    Replies: 11
""Someone who asks is a fool for a moment. Someone who never asks is a fool forever" ~unknownHello, I'm doing the tutorials on Fire Eating and wanted to open this thread for an..."
Posted: by espai
Last Reply: by richii
Views: 1306    Replies: 2
"Hi!I've been learning Fans on and off for around a month (Uni term has been restricting my time) but now we're on holiday I can invest much more time.Problem is, I can only practice mov..."
Posted: by alpachina33
Last Reply: by meshunderlay
Views: 753    Replies: 1
"Hello I am interested in learning poi but I dont learn well from reading and watching videos. Im in NYC, where can i see or meet with people that can show me some?"
Posted: by adeathlyaura
Last Reply: by fire&dreadsrbad
Views: 1584    Replies: 4
"I'm looking into ordering my first set of fire poi. I've been doing a lot of research on fire safety so I can be prepared. I'm definitely not going to be irresponsible about this. Along..."
Posted: by Reworked
Last Reply: by adeathlyaura
Views: 2333    Replies: 6
"Hi, so first off sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't to sure where it should go and i'm looking for help/advice.So quite recently my left shoulder has been causing some disc..."
Posted: by misstasty
Last Reply: by OuchStaff
Views: 6611    Replies: 7
"Im rather new to staff, and my friend gave me her old one. its 4"7" and i am 4"11". i want to order a new staff that is lighter, considering im a begginer. what woul..."
Posted: by RavenBurn
Last Reply: by fire&dreadsrbad
Views: 971    Replies: 2
"Hi all. i am trying to get an idea of how long u can let your poi sit after being spun off and still get a good burn to minimize time off stage because i use three different types of fi..."
Posted: by Flint_413
Last Reply: by Flint_413
Views: 779    Replies: 2
"Ok so I know that I am the fire eating instructor as of now so its odd that i'm the one with this question but here it goes...I've always been one to let my tools cool for a few minutes..."
Posted: by that ginger guy
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
Views: 2225    Replies: 8
"hi everyone. Iv started doing fire eating recently but still just learning the basics and getting used to it for now. When i start adding it to my routine is it dangerous to do it aft..."
Posted: by deanaxmarie
Last Reply: by Flint_413
Views: 1688    Replies: 2
"Hi everyone =) I was wondering what fuel you find best for fire eating. I currently am using Coleman's Kerosene, but I am not happy with it. It makes a lot of black smoke and smells bad..."
Posted: by zanev
Last Reply: by zanev
Views: 1067    Replies: 5
"I may be taking a trip in december, via air plane. I was wondering if you can check a fire staff as luggage or if I will need to mail it UPS."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Paddington Bear
Views: 5567    Replies: 18
"ok, you kno those peepl who tie the photons on a string and spin em..? wat kinda string do you use and how do you tie it on? i need help...email meeh if yooh have some answerz or sugges..."
Posted: by Combat Moses
Last Reply: by G4dget
Views: 2002    Replies: 4
"Hi I am a long time fire eater who is trying to get into club manipulation but I can not seem to find anything at all anywhere to help me learn tricks my friends tell me just to learn p..."
Posted: by Draegen
Last Reply: by Combat Moses
Views: 1180    Replies: 5
"I'm a bit new to poi and I want to learn more. I am confident enough to begin using fire but I'd like to learn more from someone decent as well as find someone or a place in the Philad..."
Posted: by TurtlePi
Last Reply: by TurtlePi
Views: 1786    Replies: 11
"I put in: a pair of flowlights a pair of Crystal Case with Flowmass 3 metres of colecord a pair of 3mm Stainless Steel Oval Quicklinks a pair of N..."
Posted: by TurtlePi
Last Reply: by TurtlePi
Views: 1120    Replies: 4
"Its just that i heard its really tough and ive ordered a nice long length of it,but how would i cut iti know to seal the end with a lighter but not how to cut"
Posted: by Thomas_HealdDyson
Last Reply: by Thomas_HealdDyson
Views: 879    Replies: 4
"Long story short i was messing around with unlit poi by the pool and one fell in. its soaked. tried soaking in fuel and re lighting but the burns only last a few seconds and they are ve..."
Posted: by ThiaLucifer
Last Reply: by ThiaLucifer
Views: 2150    Replies: 13
"Hi I am wondering if it is possible to take my fire fans on a trip with me to Calagry. Id be flying so I wonder if it is possible to take them on the plane if they are in a bag and goin..."
Posted: by momohappysan
Last Reply: by liquidtrance
Views: 1886    Replies: 4
"my question is : dose the problem of my fire poi due to the weight of the chain?i just get my first set of fire poi,with oval twist chain,while the chain is hard to control,i mean when ..."
Posted: by AliceJones
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
Views: 6926    Replies: 23
"Ok, new new newbie here, as in I just made my first practice Poi today from shoe strings and bags of rice. I was out MAYBE 30 mins today spinning and i have a blister on my left index f..."
Posted: by Greifenritter
Last Reply: by Greifenritter
Views: 2339    Replies: 3
"I ordered "Pack of Coloured Flame" and now I'm looking for pure methylated spirits in Germany.Someone told me that spirit is called Methanol, but I can't find it in a shop.Are..."
Posted: by T3CHN0D3
Last Reply: by Jameth
Views: 2882    Replies: 8
"First of all, HEY! Howsit goin?Secondly, i'm looking for a pair of flowlights and i'm having trouble. I swear i've seen pictures of red and blue colored flowlights, like both red AND bl..."
Posted: by skrillex
Last Reply: by skrillex
Views: 956    Replies: 4
"i have crystal cases but their black not clear people tell me their dirty but there not the rubber is actually black and this makes my flowlights dimmer and its always wonders me if the..."
Posted: by zanev
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 1702    Replies: 10
"Im looking for a place to get cheap nomex gloves, Trick concepts and other sites have them for $30, which is more than I want to spend.Any help?"
Posted: by DreamsofDiscord
Last Reply: by DreamsofDiscord
Views: 1761    Replies: 3
"Don't see it mentioned anywhere in the forums, though I'm sure someone has probably asked before. I practice with fluffy poi and/or the LED glow poi from the HoP store, and I notice tha..."
Posted: by Stnd54
Last Reply: by CJdark
Views: 935    Replies: 3
"I'm looking into getting a new set of poi, and I was wondering if it would be better to go with a set of crystal poi with flowmass or the monkeyfists with pro cords.I'm currently using ..."
Posted: by tres
Last Reply: by parksung17
Views: 2067    Replies: 6
"i perform in body Paint a good two to three times a week. which as you can imagine reaks havoc on my skin. it sucks. anyone know of some body paint that isnt going to turn me and my co-..."
Posted: by zanev
Last Reply: by zanev
Views: 1087    Replies: 6
"How do you clean the wicks on a staff? I know they will just get dirty again on the next burn, but im tired of my hands turning black when i touch the wicks."
Posted: by frer3
Last Reply: by aston
Views: 962    Replies: 4
"I'm in the process of crocheting a pair of poi with a pattern I found online. I'm a bit reticent, though, when it comes to using it, since the length of the "rope" seems a bit..."
Posted: by DragenWulf
Last Reply: by SpinnerofDetroit
Views: 2571    Replies: 5
"Question: Anyone here from Victoria that can sell me some Kevlar ? hmm hmm ? huh ?"
Posted: by zanev
Last Reply: by Paddington Bear
Views: 631    Replies: 1
"I want to learn fire painting (rubbing a flame along someones arm, or at least the perception). How do you do it?"
Posted: by HashiKun
Last Reply: by zanev
Views: 813    Replies: 4
"What do people generally do when they have their first spin with actual fire? Do they just do random tricks to kill a decent amount of time or do they create a routine and just practice..."
Posted: by zanev
Last Reply: by zanev
Views: 1230    Replies: 7
"Im just starting out and am learning with out fire...But I have some questions for when I am ready to light up (fire staff):1) What is the proper procedure for lighting up? How do you g..."
Posted: by Jordy-boy
Last Reply: by Jordy-boy
Views: 952    Replies: 2
"Hi Guys,I am currently putting on a Moulin Rouge themed, variety show in the centre of Birmingham Uk,it is sure to be a vibrant event, and i am looking for a few people who would be ava..."
Posted: by iamraley
Last Reply: by G4dget
Views: 512    Replies: 1
"All right guys... I am building a stage for fire performing, and I was wondering if any one had any input on thompson's water seal vs polyurethane to seal it. I wasn't sure if either mi..."
Posted: by JoshDG
Last Reply: by G4dget
Views: 669    Replies: 3
"I'm at some confusion at the moment, I'm looking at going for a burn tonight but would I be allowed to spin my fire poi (alight) on a common? Or would there be some sort of odd legality..."
Posted: by FearsaorRosa
Last Reply: by FieryFireWorld
Views: 23933    Replies: 86
"Hi all,I am in urgent need of some help here. I am blind and performing is what puts food in my stomach and feeds my dog. Today after I had finished performing and was drining some tea ..."
Posted: by xlr8time
Last Reply: by juan_guardiola
Views: 2151    Replies: 5
"i wanted to know if u can catch fire or have blow backs with paraffin lamp oil like u have with camp flue plz if u really know give me a step by step"
Posted: by Natasha_Halliday
Last Reply: by FireTom
Views: 861    Replies: 1
"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f63ysauq9lkAround 1.49 she brings the torches behind her back and seemingly burns off whatever is holding her corset together and it drops off without any..."
Posted: by kongee
Last Reply: by kongee
Views: 2353    Replies: 4
"There are some stains on my MB contact ballWould like know is it ok to use alcohol swab to remove the stain?I'm afraid if I use it, the alcohol might remove that shinny surface of the b..."
Posted: by hoopsiadaisy
Last Reply: by Friendly Fire
Views: 923    Replies: 3
"So, I'm trying to find a good priced, well made fire yoyo for my friend who is amazeing! at yoyo, I've had some leads on line but I thought I would check and see if any body has owned o..."
Posted: by Felex
Last Reply: by Friendly Fire
Views: 1678    Replies: 4
"Anyone know where I can get a Fire Yoyo? Looked in the shop here and didnt see any.Spotted a normal one in a shop today and thought its been years since Ive seen one of them. I had ..."
Posted: by Fearpig
Last Reply: by Fearpig
Views: 1572    Replies: 10
"OK, I know there has been a few threads on this subject but its been a few years now...Glow staffs for Contact moves... which is best!?AeroTech, Concentrate and Flow Toys seem to be in ..."
Posted: by Rainbowmary
Last Reply: by Ash3s
Views: 3854    Replies: 18
"I was wondering if someone here could point me to a resource that explains the different terminology in poi (ie: reels, planes, beats and whatnot). I've tried googling but I'm not comin..."
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